10 Things To Check Before You Book W Singapore Sentosa Cove

by Keith Yuen

If you are a regular reader of Travel Inspiration 360 or Vegetarian Inspiration 360 you would know that staycations are not really my thing. I prefer venturing out to the world, cover stories and find new inspiration. Besides, I love spending time with my family and my own comfy bed whenever I am back in Singapore. Well, until recently there is a game changer, I had a wonderful first ever staycation with W Singapore Sentosa Cove! Yes, my first ever staycation in Singapore!

W Singapore Review

W Singapore Sentosa Cove

I totally enjoyed my first ever staycation and I’m glad it was with the W Singapore. My experience was rejuvenating and refreshing. I can understand why staycation is popular with the locals now, simply you get to enjoy a temporary new environment to relax and a getaway from your busy schedule and routines. So, after my first staycation experience with W Singapore, rather than giving you a W Singapore review, I thought a checklist of the 10 Things To Check Before You Book W Singapore Sentosa Cove would be even better! Envious or jealous? Read on and you might stand a chance to win a staycation or a vacation, to experience it yourself with the W Singapore Sentosa Cove! 🙂

W Singapore Travel Blogger

Wanna experience W Singapore? Read on…

#1 Are You ATAS?

First of all, you must know that W Hotels is a luxury worldwide hotel chain. W Hotels is one of the 11 brands under Starwood Hotels and Resorts (includes Sheraton, Westin, Le Meridien, St. Regis, etc). This hotel chain is the epitome of luxurious accommodation. So they first thing you need to ask yourself is, do you want a 5 Star treatment in a luxurious resort for your staycation? Do you like to travel in style and be Atas (Singaporean slang for high class/luxurious) for your stay? If your answer is yes, you have pass the first checklist! 🙂

W Singapore Lobby

When entering the W Singapore lobby, you feels like celebrity already! 🙂

W Singapore Check In Lobby

Beautiful W Singapore Check In Lobby

W Singapore Check In Lobby

W Singapore Check In Lobby Waiting Or Chill Out Area

W Singapore Check In Lobby DJ

Even in the afternoon, there is friendly DJ entertaining you while you waiting to check in! haha

W Singapore Boutique Store

A Boutique Store in W Singapore Hotel

W Singapore Welcome Drink

Usually welcome drinks are fruit punch or juices, but I was served with this! Fascinating! haha This is NOT Tiger Beer of course! haha It’s ice cream with soda! Very refreshing and unique! haha

W Singapore Check In Lobby

The check in lobby already made me wanna sleep! haha

#2 Are You A SPG? 

Next, do you want to be a SPG? haha Don’t be confused with the term SPG here, it is not Sarong Party Girl (a derogatory term for Singaporean women who prefer Caucasian men) haha. SPG actually stands for Starwood Preferred Guest! Being a SPG has a lot of perks! You get to earn, redeem and enjoy benefits across all Starwood Hotels & Resorts brands, in nearly 100 countries. Unlock a world of possibilities by linking up with Marriott Rewards or the Ritz-Carlton Rewards! Over at W Singapore Sentosa Cove, I was lucky to stay at the SPG level (top level) and enjoy the great views of the marina!

W Singapore Sentosa Cove Marina

The Sentosa Cove Marina View From My Room! 🙂

W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove Marina & Apartments

To be honest, as a frequent traveler, I think one of the coolest thing I have seen is the SPG keyless system. You can simply opening up your room door by using your mobile SPG app. Easy breezy! No more keycards, no more big chunky keys! That makes your staycation or vacation awesome!

W Singapore Mobile Phone

Mobile phone provided every room

Well, do you need to be a SPG to stay in W Singapore Sentosa Cove? No, you don’t! I’m just saying it gives you more benefits to be a SPG! haha

W Singapore SPG Starwood Preferred Guest

SPG = Starwood Preferred Guest

#3 Does SIZE Matter To You?

Does SIZE matter to you? Surely it does! Huge space, beautifully decorated room would translate to more relaxation and inspiration. A good rest is needed to prepare for a longer journey ahead, hence having a good room is important! Now, let me show you my FABULOUS ROOM in W Singapore. (yes, my room is literally called the Fabulous Room)

W Singapore Fabulous Room

Isn’t this Fabulous? haha

W Singapore Toilet

W Singapore Toilet

The Fabulous Room is a huge and spacious room that measures 431 to 452 sq ft (approx 40m2). The interior draws you into a magical world of fusion organic and urban life! This room is large enough for 10 people to sleep in! No, I’m kidding, just maximum of 3 people can sleep in this room even though the space is huge! 🙂

W Singapore Signature Bed

I’m not that small in size, but sleeping on this gigantic king size bed, makes me feel smaller! haha

The mattress of the king size bed was so fluffy, it was like a giant magnet that draws you into the bed! Guarantees a good deep sleep, well at least for me! 🙂

W Singapore Signature Bed

Chilling on the “magnetic” big plush top mattress and fluffy bed on W signature bed was such a great enjoyment.

#4 Do You Like To FLIRT?

This room has intricate designer details such as the branch-like golden doorknobs, butterfly pendant light, custom orchid pattern carpeting, and abstract floral wall motifs illuminated by four different mood lighting. What I love most is the Bose sound system, I simply can have a blast in the shower with this good karaoke system, I mean sound system! haha

W Singapore Bose Audio System

Connecting your audio to the Bose sound system was such an awesome plus point!

W Singapore Room Lightings

The 4 different theme room lighting! Hello, Escape, Runaway & Flirt. haha You choose your own favorite! LOL

Now, the lighting is an interesting one. You can customise the mood of the lightings from pink to blue to neon. But the name of the lightings are cutely named “Hello”, “Escape”, “Runaway”, and my favourite “Flirt”. haha Honestly, I have no idea how they came up with these names. 🙂

W Singapore Room Lightings

How different room lighting cater and suit your own mood! haha

#5 You Enjoy Great VIEWS?

One of a perk for being a SPG so that I got to stay on a higher floor in the hotel. Meaning, I would have a great view from my room at the top! So the room comes with a HUGE balcony, overlooking the W Singapore swimming pool and Sentosa Cove Marina! It was fantastic and lovely! I could spend a long time at that balcony and chill all day!

W Singapore Balcony

Big balcony for you to chill out and watch sunset with your friends! 🙂

#6 Do You Like To Be WET?

The most used facilities in every hotel is the swimming pool. Having a good swimming pool is very important especially for a luxurious hotel! Well, the good news is that the swimming pool in W Singapore Sentosa Cove is really awesome! The Wet Pool is a huge pool furnished with many interesting bean bags, pool swings chairs and benches. There are also swimming pool balls and water guns at the Wet Pool, a smart move to add to the children’s fun at the pool. Best thing is that this is a 24 hours pool! Yea, 24 hours! Where else can you find a pool that does that? But, there are no lifeguard on duty. So, your on your own. Be responsible for yourself, you will be fine! 🙂

W Singapore Swimming Pool

W Singapore Swimming Pool aka Wet Pool

W Singapore Swimming Pool

Children’s playground and swimming pool floats, pool balls and water guns are available! 🙂

Another thing worth mentioning is the Wet Bar! Located at a corner of the pool is the Wet Bar (pool bar) that have a wide selection of drinks to choose from. I was so fascinated with the choices on the menu that have a tropical theme. You can ask the friendly bartender for advice if you are not sure of what to order. A good place to meet friends and people from around the world too.

W Singapore Signature Drink

The Pineapple mocktail was an amazing recommendation! Ask the friendly bartender, they will gladly recommend or surprise you! 🙂

W Singapore Swimming Pool

With a HUGE W sign at the swimming pool, now who don’t know you are in W Singapore Sentosa Cove now? LOL

#7 Do You Want DEDICATED Services?

To be honest I did some research about W Singapore before going for my staycation and I read many good reviews on their impressive dedicated guest services. So, I was expecting to receive some really great services and through my experience, they really do deliver excellent guest services.  First, the front desk staff were courteous and I checked without any hitch.

Nestor Sia, the famous W Insider, made me feel so welcome in the hotel. He gave me a lot of useful info and tried to fulfill my requests to make my stay a comfortable one. Nestor’s work as a W Insider is to tell you with any information you require, not just about the hotel but also about the best places to visit in Singapore. He is like a human google, a treasure trove of information!

And I really love how they made special effort to create a little welcome card, evening card, and their little snacks and gift! I thought it was very thoughtful and definitely felt very welcome by the manager and team.

W Singapore Welcome Letter

Nyonya Kuey (Peranakan Snacks) welcoming you, where else? haha

W Singapore Welcome Greetings

Greeting Card! Not bad that people “know” who you are! 🙂

W Singapore Chocolate

This chocolate is AMAZING! #justsaying haha

W Singapore Greetings

Not just one card, but two cards! 🙂

Even at the pool, the W Singapore pool staff would engage in casual talk to make me feel at welcome and at ease. Somehow, I don’t feel like I am in Singapore anymore and instead it felt like I was traveling and meeting new people. Truly awesome!

W Singapore Swimming Pool Staff

W Singapore Pool Staff! Friendly and cool! I just realised they look like they are my personal body guard! haha

#8 Are You A Food NEOPHOBIA?

Living in Singapore or even as a visitor, if you are a food neophobia (reluctant to eat) then it will be really disastrous for you. Singapore is a food paradise and the quality of W Singapore restaurants showcases many culinary wonders. SKIRT, known among many to be one of the best restaurants in Singapore, offers modern and exquisite culinary choices. The cozy ambiance and beautiful modern decoration would already filled up your visual appetite.

W Singapore Restaurant Skirt

W Singapore Restaurant SKIRT

W Singapore Vegetarian Food

Huge Varieties of Food, Vegetarian Upon Request

W Singapore Restaurant Pastries

The pastries were amazingly delicious! I’m hungry again now!

W Singapore Restaurant Skirt Pastries

Huge varieties of pastries in SKIRT, W Singapore

Now, the restaurant is famous for its seafood but as a vegetarian, my experience wasn’t short-changed at all. The W Singapore junior sous chef, Chef Varun Kukreti was a fun and professional chef that filled my stomach with not just delicious meals but also happiness! haha Interested to find out what they served me? Here you go…

W Singapore Sous Chef

Chef Varun Kukreti is super friendly and prepared delicious mouth watering vegetarian food for me.

W Singapore Vegetarian Food

The Vegetarian Aglio Olio Vegetarian Spaghetti is my favourite!

W Singapore Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Tempura

W Singapore Restaurant Yogurt

Skirt Yogurt

Not just dinners, breakfast at the Kitchen Table offers an exquisite breakfast in the tropical paradise of Sentosa.

W Singapore Vegetarian Breakfast

My breakfast in W Singapore The Kitchen Table! haha

W Singapore The Kitchen Table

Interesting way of “displaying” donuts! haha

#9 Do You Prefer A Centralise Location That Is Quiet & ROMANTIC?

For the benefits of non Singaporeans, W Singapore is located in Sentosa Cove, inside Sentosa Island, one of the most fun places to be in Singapore. When driving into W Singapore, you will find yourself in an exhilarating tropical escape. Many theme parks and adventure rides are all located on Sentosa Island. Accompanied by the lush greenery and lively coastal setting, a stone’s throw away to vibrant attractions inside Sentosa and minutes drive to the city. What’s more, you can still get a quiet and exclusive environment to rest your head. It’s well worth it! 🙂

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove just a stone throw away!

Ocean Way Singapore Sentosa Cove

Many cool places to eat in Ocean Way Singapore Sentosa Cove!

W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Easy drive or easy transport to W Singapore Sentosa Cove!

#10 Tips On Booking Your Vacation/Staycation!

Well, the last tip is practical. A lot of people often asked me for lobang (Singapore slang means opportunity/recommendations) where I usually go and book my flights and hotels. I have a few preferred online travel portals, but this time, I gotten my room for the W Singapore Sentosa Cove staycation via Trip.com. Their flights and hotels search functions are comprehensive and easy to use. Most importantly, they offer very competitive prices than other competitors in the market. Look out for their tempting promotions and top deals, it’s really competitive! So do check it out! (Hint: Check out Trip.com for winning the giveaway stay in W Singapore) 🙂


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Feeling excited by reading my article about W Singapore Sentosa Cove? Do you feel like experiencing yourself or with one of your family, friends or love ones? Congratulations, you stand a chance now! 🙂

Travel Inspiration 360 is giving away to not one but TWO lucky winners to experience a stay in W Singapore Sentosa Cove! This giveaway is made possible through the goodwill of W Singapore and Trip.com! So read the instructions and terms & condition below carefully! Don’t miss a part. 🙂

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So two lucky winners can win a stay in W Singapore Sentosa Cove and experience the luxurious treat with your love one! So hurry! 🙂

Terms & Conditions Applies

  1. Inclusive of breakfast for 2 at The Kitchen Table.
  2. Prize is valid until 1 September 2018.
  3. Presentation of the original voucher is required for redemption of service.
  4. Vouchers are non-accumulative, non-transferable, and bookings must be made at least 1 day in advance.
  5. Reservations are subject to availability and black-out dates are subjected to management’s decision.
  6. Not valid on the eve and on Public Holidays and special occasions including but not limited to Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, National Day, Formula 1 Week and Thanksgiving, unless otherwise stated.
  7. Guests must be a minimum of 18 years old, with a valid photo ID, to check in.

World’s highest rooftop pool – Marina Bay Sands, mouth-watering street food, splendid colonial architecture, happening nightlife, and popular shopping malls – all these make Singapore one of the famous tourist attractions. The spectacular sightseeing and art galleries are sure to leave you amazed. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city and want Singapore travel guide, you must read Singapore travel guide blog to make your trip hassle-free and memorable. Singapore travel blogs will guide you where to eat, where to stay and how to reach the destination.

The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time. – Bill Bryson

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Singapore is a little yet prosperous island country, both a city and a nation, found simply off the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia in Southeast Asia.

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