Garnered More Than 228,000 Views

by Keith Yuen
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It has been an utmost pleasure working along with Keith. Being one who is knowledgeable in content creation, he input his creativity and idea of bringing the message across more effectively through the work of various media including blog post & YouTube content. Keith is very professional and also approachable. During the trip, I personally witnessed his commitment to sharing the message of what Turkish Airlines truly embraces as well: Travel widens up your world.

The high-quality content that was produced goes above and beyond. In particular, the YouTube video he had created: “Turkish Airlines Business Class Review” has garnered more than 228,000 views. He had successfully delivered the true essence of the message and key objectives when we received positive feedback from our travel community. Whether you are a professional business or potential travel-related client, Keith’s down to earth and caring nature makes working with him a delight. I look forward to working with Keith again soon.

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