Keith Yuen’s SMM AI Resources

by Keith Yuen
Keith Yuen’s SMM AI Resources

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Prompts for Portfolio

Block Title

Create a customer journey mapping for my <input your own industry>. My buyer persona is <input your buyer persona e.g. Singaporean Traveller>. Create in a table format with Y axis 1) Summary, touch point, moments of truth, pain points. X axis you can suggest.

Block Title

Create a SMART goal for my social media campaign for my business. My business is <brief description of your business>. My main goal is to <briefly describe your main goal, ie increase awareness, generate leads, increase sales etc>. Start with a SMART goal statement that includes relevant Facebook metrics in the goal, then justify the goal in concise manner using SMART in table format.

Block Title

Create a 7-day Facebook content calendar to achieve my SMART goal for <input your industry & target outcome e.g. targetting Singapore travel industry & increasing Facebook followers>. Present the content calendar in table format with these columns: 1. Day number; 2. Post description in 1 sentence; 3. Post Type (Post, Story, or Reel); 4. Media Assets with description; 5. Facebook Metric

Creating Engaging Video Content

Emotionally Appealing Video 感人的视频

Listicle Video 列表视频

How To Video Tutorial 视频教程

Product Demonstration Video 产品展示视频

Call To Action Video 号召性用语视频

Commercial Video 商业促销视频

Testimonials Videos 介绍视频

Cinematic Videos 电影风格视频

Fast Effect Video 快速效果视频

Humorous Video 搞笑视频

Socially Awkward Video 人物特点视频

Product Review Video 产品评测视频

Music Video Style 音乐视频风格

Long Form Travel Hosting Video 长篇旅行托管视频

Interview Video Style 采访视频风格

Live Video Style 现场直播视频风格

Podcast Video 播客视频风格

Vlog Style 视频博客风格


We visited a country that many are currently avoiding due to the recent escalation in its neighbours. We embarked on a journey, taking the road less travelled to witness the true beauty of this Middle East hidden gem. #Lebanon #offbeatenpath #travel2024 #fyp #foryou #trending #tiktoktravel #travel #sgtravel

♬ original sound - Travelinspiration360 - Keith Yuen

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Student Assessment For Mastering AI-Driven Social Media Marketing: Applying Generative AI for Marketing Success

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