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by Ryan Tan
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There is a new vegetarian restaurant in town – Lotus Kitchen! And when I say in town I meant Chinatown Point. With the increasing number of people adopting a vegetarian diet, I am so happy to see more new concept restaurants popping up in Singapore! As a frequent visitor to Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at Quality Hotel, finally, the boss decided to do an expansion to provide us with another premium dining experience – Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian, another great alternative for Singapore vegetarians! 🙂


Style: Contemporary Chinese and Singaporean Cuisine

Price Range: Between $6.80 to $35.80 per dish

Ambience: Premium Dining

Target Group: Families and Colleagues

Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian

Great for families and friends gathering! Better dine with favourite people, can eat more! haha 🙂 

Restaurant Info – Lotus Kitchen

Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian prides itself on using natural premium ingredients to create wholesome, delicious and interesting contemporary Chinese and local cuisine. Founded by the same owner of the famous Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant which serves an awesome buffet at Quality Hotel, Lotus Kitchen did not fail to deliver quality food like its predecessor.

Contact: +65 6538 1068

Address: Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 059413

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11:30 am to 3:00pm; 5:30pm to 10:00pm

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LotusVegetarian/ 

Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian

Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian Dishes! Many varieties to suit your personal preference! 🙂

How To Get There

Driving: Drive to Chinatown Point. But I would recommend parking at Blk 538 Upper Cross Street Multi Storey Carpark (Near Hong Lim Food Centre) as it is cheaper than parking in Chinatown Point.

MRT: Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian is conveniently located near Chinatown MRT (North East Line, Exit D) or (Downtown Line, Exit G).

Map to Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian Singapore

Map to Lotus Kitchen

Map Credit: Google Map 

10 Must Try Food In Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian

(Note: Food are ranked according to my personal preference!)

#1 Signature Stir Fried Laksa – $9.80

My own personal favourite among all the dishes is the Signature Stir Fried Laksa. Its thick coconut flavour and wok-hei fried noodles are just too mouthwateringly good! With a good mix of bean curd (tau pok), bean sprout (tao gey), mushrooms, vegetarian prawn and seaweed, this robust plate of “dry” laksa packs quite a punch in the flavour department. The seaweed gave the dish a very different taste and sensation. I’m not exaggerating, I really love the Laksa! I would say it is one of the best in Singapore! This would definitely keep me coming back for more. Pocket burn! 🙁

Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian Laksa

Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian Laksa

#2 Spicy Grilled Oat Slices in Hotplate – $18.80

If you have been reading Vegetarian Inspiration 360, you would know by now that I love spicy food. The Spicy Grilled Oat Slices in Hotplate, which is a vegetarian “fish” dish, is my second favourite food item on the menu. The dish comes wrapped in an aluminium foil and when the staff cuts open the package, you would get a whiff of the homemade secret chilli padi sauce. For those of you who like spicy food, this is spicy heaven! Beware that the chilli padi is really shiok and spicy. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. 😉

Spicy Vegetarian Fish

Cutting the spicy vegetarian “fish” (Oat)! This is the best part… because of the mouthwatering fragance! 🙂

Spicy Vegetarian Fish

Spicy Vegetarian Fish (Oat), this is superb for spicy lovers! 🙂

#3 Taro Mee Sua Cake – $6.80

Think savoury and soft mee sua filled with bits of taro and spices, moulded into a “cake” form and pan fried till the outer skin is crispy, sounds good, doesn’t it? This dish comes with a plate of 6 “cakes” which could be shared with family and friends as a side dish or if you really like it, you can have it all to yourself! Hahaha, remember to dip into the special sweet sauce that comes with it to fully enjoy the experience.

Mee Sua Cake

The Taro Mee Sua Cake! A bit too salty, but still delicious! 🙂

Mee Sua Cake

The Mee Sua in the Taro Mee Sua Cake! 🙂

#4 Signature Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pan Fried Dumpling – $8.80

The unique texture of the lion mane mushroom is such a clever fit for this dish! I like this dish because the generous dumpling filling is juicy and the pan fried dumpling dip with vinegar and ginger slices make it so delicious! 🙂

Signature Lion's Mane Mushroom Pan Fried Dumpling

The delicious Signature Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pan Fried Dumpling! 🙂

#5 Signature Crispy Summer Wrap with Passion Fruit – $35.80

An interesting take on the traditional “Peking Duck” wrap dish. This wrap-it-yourself dish has thick crispy soya slices that you can wrap with passion fruit infused radish, cucumber and carrot slices. An amazing pairing of flavours and texture with each bite! The passion fruit really adds a different flavour to the overall taste. Try it when you visit Lotus Kitchen Vegetarian! 🙂

Vegetarian Peking Duck

The Signature Crispy Summer Wrap with Passion Fruit! Something like the vegetarian peking duck! 🙂

Vegetarian Peking Duck

Passion fruit mixed very well with the crispy mock meat! 🙂

#6 Braised Mushroom in Hot Pot – $18.80

Mushroom lovers will rejoice over this dish as it contains a variety of wholesome mushrooms like monkey head mushrooms and abalone mushrooms in one pot. The earthly tones of the mushrooms go very well with the thick gravy and I would suggest eating this with rice. The monkey head mushroom is really SOLID! Yum! 🙂

Braised Mushroom Hot Pot

Braised Mushroom Hot Pot! The monkey head mushroom is really good! 🙂

#7 Signature Double-boiled Herbal Tian Ma Soup – $8.80

If you are familiar with the Herbal Tian Ma soup from Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, you will know what to expect here. This is a good herbal soup with robust flavours. Base on the staff explanation, this soup nourishes the liver, can be used to treat headaches and dizziness as well as help alleviate wind problems. With so many health benefits, you would be tempted to order a second bowl.

Signature Double-boiled Herbal Tian Ma Soup

The Signature Double-boiled Herbal Tian Ma Soup! Delicious and filled with nutritious ingredients and great health benefits! 🙂

#8 Signature Homemade Satay – $15.80

If you like satay, do give their Signature Homemade Satay a try. The tasty chunks of satay are well cooked and succulent. As with all good satay dishes, the peanut sauce is equally important and if you like satay sauces that are not too thick this is the right place for you. Personally, I prefer a thicker peanut sauce dip, but that is a personal preference. 🙂

Vegetarian Satay

Homemade Vegetarian Satay

#9 Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice – $6.80

My favourite dessert item in Lotus Kitchen is their Yam Paste with Purple Rice dessert. The soft and sweet yam paste floating in a sea of red bean soup with gingko nut, wolfberry and purple rice is one of the best yam paste desserts I ever tasted. I strongly recommend this dessert to complete your dining experience! 🙂

Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice

The Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice! It’s not too sweet, great dessert choice! 🙂

#10 Pumpkin Paste with Purple Rice – $6.80

If yam is not your thing, do consider their Pumpkin Paste with Purple Rice dessert. A more subtle dessert when compared with the yam paste dessert, the sweet pumpkin paste is paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some chewy purple rice bits.

Pumpkin Paste with Purple Rice

The Pumpkin Paste with Purple Rice! 🙂

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

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