Unleashing Singapore 10 Genting Dream Cruise Vegetarian Experience

by Keith Yuen

The euphoria is unparalleled – getting that golden ticket from Resorts World Cruises invitation was a promise of an extraordinary journey! My excitement went through the roof, and taking my little brother, Ken Lim @shengxiangg, (a rising star in the Singapore travel influencer scene) along for the ride only amplified the thrill. The two of us were all set to sail from our bustling city of Singapore, straight to the magical shores of Phuket. It wasn’t just any ordinary cruise journey, oh no, it was a 4D3N feast of flavours, an exclusive vegetarian food hunt on the majestic seas. Every expectation we harboured was not just met but extravagantly exceeded by the offerings on the Genting Dream cruise (which used to be Dream Cruise). So this time Ken and Keith are on a mission to unleash Singapore 10 Genting Dream Cruise Vegetarian Experience!

Singapore Genting Dream Cruise Hunk

Thrilled to be aboard the Genting Dream cruise, we’re on a joyful journey, exploring a world of exquisite vegetarian delights—from the refined flavors of Western and Chinese cuisines to the creative fusions of Japanese, hot pot, BBQ and beyond. Every meal is a new adventure, a celebration of fine dining at sea!

I’ve got to tell you, if there’s a way to experience Genting Dream, it’s by staying in the Palace Suite. It isn’t just about the plush accommodation but the royal treatment that comes along with it. Imagine chilling in the VIP lounge, sipping on a chilled drink while the amazing folks at Genting Dream take care of all the boarding fuss. That’s right, zero hassles!

Oh, and talk about rolling out the red carpet with priority boarding and disembarking – it’s like being a rock star. But here’s the cherry on top: a personal butler. Yes, you heard it right! Someone who arranges everything – from meal bookings, securing front-row seats at performances, to giving us access to exclusive private events and lounges. It felt like having a magic wand; every wish was just a command away.

Singapore Dream Cruise Hunk

Ronald has transitioned from our personal butler to a trusted friend, showcasing exceptional skill in ensuring our comfort, meticulously planning our meals, and securing prime seats at the hottest shows onboard. His attentive service elevates our Genting Dream cruise experience to unparalleled heights!

And the special areas – talk about luxury! We had the jacuzzi and pools all to ourselves. No jostling crowds, just peace, quiet and the endless ocean stretching before us. It was pure bliss!

Dream Cruise Palace Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

We had the Palace Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi all to ourselves, basking in an atmosphere of unmatched luxury and exclusivity!

Now, let’s get to my favorite part – the food. Being in the Palace Suite meant every meal was a culinary journey in the specialty restaurants. Every dish, is a masterpiece; every flavor, is a revelation. Now, Ken and I will take you through what we feasted on over the unforgettable 4D3N, where every bite was a slice of heaven!

Day 1: Evening Dinner – An Enchanting Evening at The Outdoor Hotpot (5.30pm to 9.30pm)

Vegetarian Hot Pot on Dream Cruise

Vegetarian Hot Pot on Genting Dream

Vegetarian Hot Pot on Dream Cruise

A great evening and starter of our Genting Dream cruise trip to Phuket with our personal butler (now friend) Ronald and Chishuan

The first evening beckoned us to an outdoor hotpot, where ocean views melded with the sea breeze, reminiscing the Lunar New Year vibes. Amidst the stars, little brother Ken and I savoured every bite of the vegetarian mock meat, the richness of various mushrooms and the freshness of seasonal vegetables, all immersed in a flavoursome mushroom soup base. And yes, for those spicy lovers – a tip, bringing your own tom yam paste can elevate the experience!

Our night concluded with mesmerizing live performances at the Zodiac Theatre – a perfect end to the beginning of our cruise journey.

Last but not least, remember to try the gelato ice cream next to the Hot Pot Restaurant! You won’t regret adding the calories! haha

Dream Cruise Gelato Ice Cream

Genting Dream cruise gelato ice cream

Day 1: Supper – Midnight Munchies at The Palace Restaurant (12am to 2am)

Singapore Vegetarian Supper At Dream Cruise Palace Restaurant

The night is still young, 1am vegetarian supper at Genting Dream cruise’s Palace Restaurant!

The clock struck midnight, but who said the dining ends? A spread, almost too royal, awaited us at The Palace Restaurant. Amidst the variety, the fried bee hoon was a star, enticing us to take seconds (and thirds!).

And if you’re anything like Ken and I, a walk around the mesmerizing cruise after supper adds just the right touch of magic to the dining experience.

Dream Cruise FacilitiesDream Cruise FacilitiesDream Cruise FacilitiesDream Cruise Facilities

Day 2: Lunch – A Dance of Flavours, Vegetarian Teppanyaki at Umi Uma,  (11.30am to 2pm)

Singapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream Cruise

My First Ever Vegetarian Teppanyaki, Thank You Genting Dream cruise! haha

The Japanese & Korean cuisine restaurant, Umi Uma, introduced me to my first-ever Vegetarian Teppanyaki. The chef, a maestro of flavours and stunts, made the dining experience not just a meal, but a spectacle. Every bite of fried rice, grilled vegetables, and that divine green tea macha ice cream was a melody of tastes.

Singapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream CruiseSingapore Vegetarian Teppanyaki Dream Cruise

Post this unforgettable meal, Ken and I retreated to the gym, and later to the serenity of our Palace suite’s Jacuzzi.

Day 2: High Tea – A Royal Affair at The Palace Restaurant (2pm to 4pm)

Vegetarian High Tea at Dream Cruise

Vegetarian High Tea at Genting Dream cruise, Continuation of Accumulating Calories

High Tea at the Palace Restaurant was like stepping into a world where every vegetarian delight was at our fingertips. Every sandwich, cake, and those unforgettable Indian fried potatoes were a testament to the culinary artistry of the chefs on Genting Dream cruise. As we indulged, the ocean views added a touch of nature’s masterpiece to our experience.

Day 2: Dinner – A Culinary World Tour BBQ at Dream Dining Room Upper (5pm to 9pm)

Dream Cruise Butler

Our super attentive and hospitable butler on Genting Dream cruise! The best experience on the cruise!

We supposed to have BBQ buffet, but we ended up going for Western cuisine instead! If you are a Palace guest, the staff at Dream Dining Room Upper caters to every vegetarian whim with delights ranging from pasta and pizza to bespoke Chinese fried noodles.

There are BBQ buffet spread, but we are not very interested in grilling vegetables and mushrooms, so we opt for western food!

Post-dinner, it was a narrative of spooky Halloween stories, movie screenings under the starlit sky, and the gentle lull of the 360 bar.

Day 3: Brunch – A Thai Escapade at Phuket Town Hesan Vegetarian (10am to 10pm)

Phuket Thailand Vegetarian

Morning tendering from Phuket’s deep sea port to shore, and had 5 hours of exploration in Phuket Town! Searching for Phuket Vegetarian!

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Phuket Thailand Hesan Vegetarian

We stumbled upon a hidden gem – a local Thai vegetarian restaurant that promised an explosion of flavors!


The early Phuket sun greeted us warmly. Our taste buds found a homely retreat at Phuket Town Hesan Vegetarian. Although time was a luxury, thanks to the deep-sea port, every bite of the local Thai vegetarian delights was worth the rush.

A quick shopping spree at the pier ot in Phuket town, later we were back, sailing the high seas.

A word of advice for those looking to explore Phuket: it’s wise to hire your own trusted driver. Be wary of the drivers at the pier; unfortunately, not all have honest intentions, and some might try to scam you. I’d steer clear of Uber or other taxi apps too. I had a frustrating experience where the driver accepted my request, only to quote a higher price than what was on the app or tried to upsell a full-day tour. What’s more annoying? They wouldn’t cancel the ride!

To avoid such hassles, I recommend my personal driver. He’s incredibly honest and reliable. You can reach him at +66924658444 via WhatsApp or Line. I’m not too sure of his name, but he has integrity and good reliable services.

Dream Cruise Tendering

A special moment: As we returned from Phuket, rain began to fall during tendering. We were deeply touched to see the crew, umbrellas in hand, ready to welcome us back with such warmth and care.

Day 3: Lunch – A Taste of Home at Blue Lagoon (11.30am to 2pm)

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Burger

Genting Dream cruise Vegetarian Burger at Blue Lagoon Restaurant

Onboard, the Singapore Style Menu at Blue Lagoon was a comforting touch of home. The vegetarian burger paired with the delicious onboard fries and drinks. My friend Chishuan decided to go for fried kuaytiao (Singapore-style flat noodles) instead. It’s cool to have a nice delicious vegetarian patty in our burger match with mouth-watering sauce.

Post-feast, we were gently lured into a food coma, a delightful heaviness that beckoned us towards a restful pause. Our room, a sanctuary of comfort, offered a view that was nothing short of spellbinding. As we settled in, the balcony showcased a symphony of serene views, where the harmonious dance of waves painted scenes of tranquil beauty.

It wasn’t just a nap; it was a journey into a realm of peace, a moment of escape where each wave whispered tales of distant shores. Every breath of the fresh sea breeze infused us with a sense of calm, turning a simple siesta into an intimate dance of relaxation and reflection. In these quiet moments, amidst the allure of nature’s masterpiece, we found a space to just ‘be’.

Keith’s Palace Suite sunset captures are a spectacle of beauty, painting the sky with colors of magic! 🌅✨

Ken’s sunset posts from the Palace Suite are magical – my talented younger apprentice is already outshining the master! 🌅✨

Awakening from our nap, an exhilarating surprise awaited – an invitation to a vibrant foam party at the deck’s edge. With mocktails in hand, each sip was a melody harmonizing with the ambient tunes. The fusion of flavors danced on our palates, as enticing as the energy radiating around us. Amidst the foam and laughter, ice creams added a layer of sweetness, painting our experience with strokes of delight.

Dream Cruise Foam PartyDream Cruise Foam PartyDream Cruise Foam PartyDream Cruise Singapore Shirtless Hunk

As we merged into the dynamic ambiance, nostalgia swept over us, echoing the electrifying parties of the 00s. The atmosphere was alive with rhythmic beats and infectious laughter, where every pulse of the music invigorated our spirits. We were immersed in a world where foam and melodies intertwined, encapsulating us in a cocoon of euphoria and reminiscence. Each moment at the foam party was a sensory dance, an unforgettable chapter of our Genting Dream cruise journey.

Dream Cruise Foam Party

Kudos to my little brother Ken for capturing my favorite shot from behind! Honestly, this angle makes me look more buff than I really am – it’s all a fabulous illusion! 😄

Day 3: Dinner – Elegance at Bistro (5.30pm to 9pm)

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Western Cuisine

It’s a luxurious experience! Enjoying it with my little brother just adds to the fun! 😄✨

Bistro promised Western fine dining and delivered an experience. Each appetizer, the sumptuous spinach salad, the hearty Minestrone soup, and that heavenly Risotto Truffle, was a symphony of taste. Our laughter, Ken’s jokes, and the elegant ambiance of Bistro made it an evening etched in memory.

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Western Cuisine

Ken’s eyes lit up with joy; the prospect of indulging in his beloved vegetarian Western Cuisine on the cruise had him over the moon!

After the luxurious meal, we headed to catch the inter-staff basketball game, but it was a no-go, they were short on referees! 🏀🚫

Dream Cruise Inter Staff Basketball Match

Ken’s excitement for the basketball match turned into disappointment when it got cancelled – his face said it all.

Day 3: Supper – Midnight Indulgence, Round Two (12am to 2am)

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Supper

Im gaining so much weight on this cruise!

Back at The Palace Restaurant, the fried bee hoon with chili was a nostalgic bite into yesterday’s delight. Every bun, cake, and fruit bore witness to our contented sighs under the starry sky.

Day 4: Brunch – A Chinese Reminiscence at Silk Road Restaurant (11.30am to 2pm)

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

At last, we’re indulging in exquisite, fine dining Chinese cuisine that’s as vegetarian as it is delightful!

Silk Road Restaurant was like stepping back into the nostalgic lanes of Macau (our recent trip to Macau). Every dish, from the sweet sour mushroom mock meat to the delightful mango pomelo sago, was an artistry of flavors.

Day 4: Snack – A Final Culinary Hug at The Palace Restaurant (3pm to 5pm)

Dream Cruise Vegetarian Snack

Even in the final moments on the Genting Dream cruise, the allure of their delectable vegetarian offerings was irresistible. We found ourselves savoring every last bite at the Palace Restaurant, right up to the last minute!

As we bid goodbye to the dreamy days and starlit nights, a final round of friend bee hoon and the soul-stirring Chinese brewed mushroom soup at The Palace Restaurant was the perfect culinary hug. Tip: The Chinese mushroom soup was SUPERB!


The Resorts World Cruises, Genting Dream cruise surprised me with its impeccable touch of vegetarian elegance. Each dish, each flavor bespoke of a culinary mastery that transcends the ordinary. For those on the brink of this journey, the Palace accommodation is not just a stay; it’s an experience of bespoke luxury. A world where butlers like Ronald and Devi transform dining into a personalized culinary journey, and housekeepers like Andi turn rooms into havens of comfort and luxury.

My journey of Singapore Vegetarian delights, Vegetarian Teppanyaki shows, Vegetarian Hotpot under the starry skies, and the unforgettable Genting Dream cruise Vegetarian experience is an ode to the symphony of flavors, cultures, and unforgettable moments that await every traveler on this majestic cruise.

Singapore Dream Cruise Hunk

We hope you enjoy diving into our blog as much as we enjoyed curating this delightful journey for you! ✨🛳️📖

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