TI360 Team & Values (Singapore Travel Influencers)

by Keith Yuen
TI360 Team & Values (Singapore Travel Influencers)

Embarking on a journey to unveil the essence of wanderlust with the Singapore travel influencers, the trio of brothers Keith Yuen, Ryan Tan, and Ken Lim form the beating heart of Travel Inspiration 360 aka TI360. Far from being just another travel blog or social media channel, TI360 goes beyond the superficial. It’s not just about influencing; it’s about inspiring and empowering. TI360 is committed to promoting sustainable travel and social responsibility. Through compelling stories and actionable tips, they guide their audience towards making eco-friendly choices and engaging in ethical tourism. It’s not just about seeing the world, it’s about leaving it a better place for future generations. By intertwining travel with social and environmental consciousness, TI360 serves as a beacon for responsible and purpose-driven wanderlust.

Founder, Content Producer & Travel Influencer
About Keith
Keith, the founder of this endeavor, carries a blend of compassion, humor, and an adventurous spirit. His insights into world issues and historical narratives enrich the compelling stories he shares across the globe. Through the lens of Travel Inspiration 360, he sheds light on the unheard tales of myriad cultures, all while embracing a vegetarian lifestyle. Keith often muses, “To travel is to discover the world’s unfrequented narratives, and to retell them is to relive the odyssey.”
Editor, Co-host & Travel Influencer
About Ryan
Ryan, the cool, calm, and charming editor and co-host of Travel Inspiration 360. His intrigue with the animal kingdom drives his exploratory zeal, finding joy in unearthing the world’s natural wonders. Ryan’s altruistic nature shines through his societal contributions, fostering a deep connection with animals along his explorations. He believes, “Every journey we take unveils a different facet of nature, teaching us to coexist.”
Manager, Co-host & Travel Influencer
About Ken
Ken, brings a zest of fun, charisma, and responsibility to the team as a co-host and apprentice. With a curious mind representative of Gen Z, he is ever-eager to learn and reflect deeply on the world’s wonders. His warm heart and vegetarian ethos echo the sustainable narrative of their journeys. Being the youngest doesn’t deter his resolve; instead, it fuels his inquiry into the myriad experiences the world has to offer. Ken often reflects, “Each expedition is a page in the book of life, and I’m just getting started on my chapters.”

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Travel Inspiration 360's Values

Other TI360 Team Family: A Melting Pot of Expertise United by the Power of Storytelling

The TI360 Family, is an eclectic gathering of professionals from various walks of life, each bringing their own unique skills and perspectives to the table. Our remarkable team is a patchwork quilt of expertise that ranges from environmentalism to real estate and from entrepreneurship to tech leadership. Melano Chua, our resident environmentalist, lends an eco-conscious viewpoint to our storytelling. Wilson Toh, a senior director in real estate, offers valuable insights into how spaces and places shape our experiences. Yang Huiling, a savvy businesswoman, enriches our content with her financial acumen, while Melisa Tan, a Manager at Cisco System, brings a technological edge to our work. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are united by a common thread—a passion for unearthing and sharing compelling stories from every corner of the world. Our collective goal is to not just tell tales but to spotlight narratives that provoke thought, inspire change, and stir the soul.

Beyond Storytelling: Championing Peace and Advocating for Human Rights Issues Through TI360

At Travel Inspiration 360 aka TI360, our mission goes beyond the simple art of storytelling. While we aim to illuminate hidden tales from across the globe, we are also deeply committed to addressing broader socio-economic and geopolitical issues that are at the core of the human experience. Our advocacy is rooted in principles of peace and harmony, as we believe that understanding the world is the first step in making it a better place. We are unequivocal in our stance against the devastating impacts of war and conflict, using our platform to foster dialogues that can lead to meaningful change.

Women’s Empowerment, Shaping the World: Spotlighting Equality on TI360

We understand the pivotal role that women play in shaping our world. That’s why we are enthusiastic advocates for women’s empowerment on TI360. Our platform serves as a stage for the incredible stories of resilient women who have overcome societal norms and shattered glass ceilings in male-dominated industries. By spotlighting their journeys, we aim to inspire our audience and contribute to the broader conversation about gender equality. In doing so, we hope to foster an environment where all voices are heard, respected, and celebrated.

Combating Racism & Discrimination, Fostering Empathy & Inclusion Through Storytelling at TI360

In today’s global landscape, where the ugly specters of racism and discrimination still persist, TI360 is resolute in its commitment to bring these issues to the forefront. We believe that storytelling can be a powerful tool to humanize marginalized communities and foster empathy. By highlighting the lived experiences of those affected by prejudice and bias, we aim to be catalysts for meaningful change. We’re not just content creators; we are advocates who use our platform to spark conversations that can help dismantle systemic barriers and create a more inclusive world for all.

Deep Dive into Environmental Advocacy: Inspiring Action Through Awareness at TI360

TI360’s focus isn’t solely on human narratives; we also spotlight urgent environmental issues that affect us all. With a team that includes an environmentalist, our expertise shines through in our comprehensive features on pressing subjects like water and food shortages caused by drought, as well as sustainable living practices. We don’t just skim the surface; we dive deep to present well-researched stories that raise awareness about the gravity of these issues. Our goal is to not just inform, but to inspire action, because these are pressing concerns that warrant immediate collective attention.

Future of Work: Navigating the Shifting Paradigms of Employment with TI360

TI360 recognize that the rapidly evolving landscape of employment is a significant part of the modern human experience. As such, we dedicate a portion of our platform to explore the ever-changing nature of work in the 21st century. Whether it’s the rise of remote work, the gig economy, or the challenges of job security in an increasingly automated world, we aim to shed light on these complex issues through compelling stories. Our objective is to offer insights that help our audience navigate the shifting paradigms of employment, empowering them to adapt and thrive in this new age. Keith Yuen is a trainer and facilitator based in Singapore, expanding horizons and enlightening minds through his insightful teachings! See Keith Yuen’s training page: https://travelinspiration360.com/singapore-trainer/

Young Voices, Big Impact: Amplifying the Next Generation’s Aspiration on TI360

TI360 firmly believes in the importance of nurturing the next generation, recognizing that children are not just the future, but also the present of our global community. To this end, we prioritize the amplification of young voices, sharing stories that reflect their unique perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. Whether it’s highlighting initiatives led by young activists or shedding light on issues directly affecting youth, our platform aims to be a conduit for change and awareness. By giving a platform to these young voices, we seek to contribute to a more compassionate and progressive world that they will inherit.

The TI360 Family: United in Storytelling, Committed to Inspiring Change

The Travel Inspiration 360 Team, affectionately known as the TI360 Family, is more than just a group of content creators; we’re a community committed to enacting meaningful change, one story at a time. Our advocacy spans a wide range of pressing issues, from environmental conservation to human rights. We stand unwavering in our pursuit of peace and harmony, while simultaneously tackling difficult subjects like systemic racism and gender inequality. By merging our diverse expertise and shared values, we strive to raise awareness, provoke thought, and inspire action among our audience. Our collective vision is to be more than storytellers; we aim to be changemakers in a world that sorely needs it.

A smile today can lessen the wars of tomorrow; it’s the simplest weapon we have to create peace. – Keith Yuen.

At TI360, we are more than storytellers; we are catalysts for change. United in diversity, from environmentalists to business leaders, we shine a light on the hidden narratives and urgent issues that shape our world. Because every story told is a step toward peace, empowerment, and a more inclusive tomorrow! – Keith Yuen

Together, their shared ethos and diverse perspectives make Travel Inspiration 360 a kaleidoscope of adventures waiting to be discovered.

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