Sick of Singapore Staycation? Why not try Sailcation instead!

by Keith Yuen

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a curveball to our 2020 travel plans with many wanderlust Singaporeans literally stuck on the mainland island of Singapore. While Singapore staycations are an alternative to “get out” to pamper ourselves, it can get quite crowded at popular hotel properties. So why not try something new that allows you to pamper yourself and avoid crowded situations – Singapore Sailcation! If you are looking for new ways to satiate your wanderlust away from the mainstream staycations, do what we did and get yourself a sailcation where you can relax, chase gorgeous sunsets and explore the southern islands of Singapore. We went on a private 2 Days 1 Night (2D1N) chartered yacht with EU Holidays through and had an awesome trip!

Singapore Sailcation Travel Influencer Keith Yuen

Wonderful experience exploring the Southern islands of Singapore Sailcation

Check-in at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove For Your Singapore Sailcation Dream

Pack your bags and meet your buddies at the ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove located at Sentosa island. The check-in time is 3pm, so you will enough time to prepare, or to grab some additional overnight snacks & drinks for the 2D1N trip. Do take note that the Sailcation is inclusive of food, drinks, and even wine on board, so you don’t have to pack too much. 

Singapore Sailcation Marina

Can’t be more excited about our Singapore Sailcation!

What’s inclusive?

  • 2D1N private charter service
  • Basic sailing lessons by skipper
  • 3 private cabins (can accommodate 2 pax per cabin) 
  • 1 bento dinner
  • 1 continental breakfast
  • Bottles of drinking water

Do click the map below and navigate to the ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, full address 11 Cove Drive, Singapore 098497. The overnight parking is inexpensive in my opinion given the location.

Parking Information:

  • Mon – Fri (Before 5/6pm) $3.21/entry from 8am to 5pm.
  • Mon – Fri (After 5/6pm) $3.21/entry from 5pm to 8am the following day.
  • $3.21/entry from 8am to 8am the following day.
  • Sunday / PH. $3.21/entry from 8am to 8am the following day.

Boarding & Checking Out The Cruiser

We were first greeted by the friendly EU Holidays skipper Joseph and crew Tammy. The yacht was in pristine condition thanks to both of them, everything was sanitized, clean, and ready for our trip!

Singapore Sailcation Skipper & Crew

We followed the rules of 5 persons excluding the skipper Joe & crew Tammy! They are awesome, professional, and diligently giving us a wonderful experience.

My first impression was that the yacht wasn’t as big as I thought, but it is definitely comfortable for the 5 of us. The 13.5m yacht comes fully equipped with a diesel-powered marine generator and air-conditioning in the kitchen area and bedrooms. There is an en-suite with an attached bathroom, two other small rooms with nice comfy beds, and a common toilet in the main dining area as well.

The deck comes with a kitchen and dining area perfect for gatherings, which comprises of a stove, mini-fridge, and a freezer for cold drinks and food. There is also a microwave on board if you need to use it.

Singapore Sailcation Begins, Sailing Across The Southern Islands

Relax and let our worries drift away as the cruiser sails out to the sea. The skipper was very professional and friendly, we got some first hands-on experience in releasing the sail and learned some tips on how to maneuver the cruiser. It was very refreshing to see Marina Bay from a distance while we headed out to the Southern Islands passing through Sister’s Islands, Kusu Islands, and St’ John Islands. The yacht finally anchored at Lazarus Bay.

Sailcation Sea Activities Anchored At Lazarus Bay

The yacht anchored at Lazarus Bay, in front of a very beautiful remote island of Lazarus Island. The water is crystal green and it was the first time I saw such a beautiful island and water in Singapore. Over here, we did some kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and we blasted our music and chilled out on the deck. It was very cool to be away from the crowd on the remote island of Singapore.

Docked At Lazarus Island For The Night & Exploration

As the sun was about to set, the skipper took us a stroll around Lazarus Island and St John’s Island where we got up close and personal with nature. We choose to dock at Lazarus early and used the opportunity to explore this beautiful remote island by ourselves. We can’t believe there is such a beautiful long white sand beach in Singapore. It’s definitely an Instagrammable place in Singapore.

Sumptuous Dinner Arrangement

As the sun sets over the horizon, we slowly strolled back to the yacht to shower and got ready for our hearty pre-arranged vegetarian barbeque dinner on board. I understand that you could opt for the steamboat/ barbeque/ set meal dinner option as a top-up when you book the sailcation package. I would say, barbeque on the deck and under the starry sky is one of the highlights of our Singapore sailcation experience. What else do we need besides good food, drinks, and great company? We had a great time, chilling out and chatting until 4am in the morning.

Rise and Shine

With little sleep the night before, we were all kinda reluctant to wake up from our comfortable cabin beds. But we were all awakened by the aromatic smell of sumptuous food. Tammy is a great chef and she prepared a very delicious vegetarian breakfast for us. We were grateful and amazed at how good the food was.

After we were done with our breakfast, our skipper Joseph took us back to the Marina and we arrived at the ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove around 10am. It was a refreshing experience! Apart from a Singapore Staycation, I think doing a Singapore Sailcation is even more fun to hang out with your buddies or family! 

Additional Tips

Apart from provisions and comfortable clothes, remember to bring the following for your sailcation:

  • Sunglasses to look cool and protect your eyes
  • Sunblock to protect yourself from harmful UV rays
  • Beach towel to dry up from water activities (Note: the cabin comes equipped with shower towels)
  • Sufficient clothing for 2D1N (swimming trunks/swimsuit if you plan to enter the waters)
  • Motion sickness pills for those who get seasick easily. The yacht is pretty stable and Singapore waters are usually not choppy.
  • Additional bottled water if you drink a lot. Bottled drinking water is provided on board, but if you need more, the water from the water tank might have an undesirable smell. 

Note: There is no Internet Wi-Fi on board, but we all have no problem accessing the internet via our own mobile data. 

Singapore Travel Influencer Keith Yuen

Since you are on Sailcation in Singapore, why not stop using your phone and just hang out with your friends for a day? 🙂

Promos & Discounts For Your Singapore Sailcation Experience

Check out the following for discounts and promos for upcoming promos and discounts for the 2D1N Singapore Sailcation.

  1. EU Holidays ( is currently launching a promotion of $288/- per person
  2. ( is giving out a $20 discounts for UOB cardmembers special

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Singapore Traveller Keith Yuen

Time is slow when you wait. Time is fast when you are late. Time is deadly when you are sad. Time is short when you are happy. Time is endless when you are in pain. Time is long when you are bored. From time to time, your time is determined by your feelings and your psychological conditions and not really by the clock. So why not just have a good time? 😉❤👍🏻

Life is like sailing, you can use any wind to sail in any direction.

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Melano Chua December 26 - 12:02 am

Wow you inspired me to go for this sailcation. I will get to book now. Will it allow 8 pax after 28 Dec?

Wilson Toh December 26 - 1:48 am

Hi Keith can share how to book? I need the discount so I can book. We quote your name?

Maura July 4 - 8:16 pm

Sailing yachts for charter in Singapore will be great experience. Everyone should try this.


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