[New Japanese Vegetarian In Singapore] Lucky Cat Cafe In Hougang

by Keith Yuen

Good news to share with everyone. There is a new Japanese vegetarian restaurant in Singapore! The Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian at Hougang Community Club is newly opened on the 5 November 2020. With an increasing number of people adopting a vegetarian diet, especially after the outbreak of global zoonotic diseases Covid19 (aka Coronavirus), I realized more and more friends and colleagues are adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet in Singapore. There are quite a number of newly opened vegetarian restaurants, cafes, and stalls in Singapore, providing us with more vegetarian food varieties and options.


Style: Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine With Some Korean & Singapore Fusion Dish

Price Range: Between $3 to $12 per dish

Ambience: Cafe Style

Target Group: Families & Friends

Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian

Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian located at Hougang Community Club

Restaurant Info – Lucky Cat Cafe Japanese Vegetarian

Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian is a newly open Japanese Vegetarian Cafe in Singapore. Japanese-Korean fusion vegetarian cuisine eatery opened Nov 2020 inside Hougang Community Centre. Serves dishes like Japanese maki, onigiri, udon etc. with some Korean and Singapore fusion dish as well.

Address: 35 Hougang Avenue 3, #01-02 (Hougang Community Club), Singapore 538840

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday: 9am to 10pm (Note: business close from 2pm to 5pm, Restaurant closes at 8.30pm,  and Bar closes at 9pm)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/luckycatcafesg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luckycatsg/

Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian

A vegetarian cafe-style setting. (Vegan options available)

How To Get There

Driving: Driving to Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian is a breeze. There is a huge parking lot at Block 24 Hougang Avenue 3, Singapore 530024 available right next to the Hougang Community Centre, where Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian is located. Just click on the map below to navigate directly to the parking space.

MRT: Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian is conveniently located in between Kovan MRT (15 minutes walking distance) or Hougang MRT (13 minutes walking distance).

Dishes I Have Tried In Lucky Cat Cafe Japanese Vegetarian

(Note: Sequence not in a particular order!)

Keith Yuen Singapore Vegetarian Food Blogger

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Disclaimer: Keith Yuen is a 100% vegetarian who doesn’t eat alliums (strictly no meat including fish and seafood, also onion, garlic, leek, chives, and shallot). I am NOT a vegan yet, hence I do eat dairy products such as eggs, milk, and cheese, etc… Please kindly exercise due diligence and clarify with the staff about your own diet preference.

#1 Japanese Vegetarian Salmon Sashimi – $4

Frankly speaking, I am not a huge fan of mock meats, but the vegetarian salmon sashimi has an interesting texture. I personally really love pairing the sashimi with wasabi. If without wasabi, I don’t think I will like this dish. It may not be appealing to the mass but it has a bit of chewy texture made from konjac with an interesting taste especially with wasabi. Worth a try.

Salmon Sashimi (Singapore Vegetarian)

Vegetarian Salmon Sashimi made from Konjac. Remember to eat with wasabi.

#2 Shitake Cream and Cheese – $7

Need I say more? If you are a Shitake mushroom lover like me, the Shitake Cream and Cheese is a heavenly dish but also a sinful dish with a cheesy top. You know what I mean. Anyway, I love eating it with wasabi too.

Shitake Cream and Cheese (Singapore Vegetarian)

Vegetarian Shitake Cream and Cheese, delicious grilled shitake mushroom with sinful cheese. Yum!

#3 Yangnyeom Monkey Head Mushroom (Korean Style Vegetarian) – $11

There are actually some options for monkey head mushroom. I actually wanted to try the vegetarian Curry Mayo Deep Fried Monkey Head Mushroom, but my sister won me over to try the Korean Style Vegetarian Yangnyeom Monkey Head Mushroom. The monkey head mushroom is tasty and crunchy, and the sauce is interesting. If you tried the Curry Mayo Deep Fried Monkey Head Mushroom, please let me know how was it?

Yangnyeom Monkey Head Mushroom (Korean Style Vegetarian)(Singapore Vegetarian)

Korean Vegetarian Style In Singapore Yangnyeom Monkey Head Mushroom, must try!

#4 Avocado Maki – $11

One of the reasons why I love Japanese food is because of my love for wasabi. I will add wasabi to any possible dish when I could. Although the vegetarian Avocado Maki is not as heavy as other sushi such as Tofunagi Maki, I really love it, especially when it has the vegetarian salmon sashimi.

Avocado Maki

Vegetarian Avocado Maki contains my favourite salmon sashimi, a heavenly taste with wasabi.

#5 Japanese Vegetarian Ebi Tempura Maki – $9

I did not try the vegetarian Ebi Tempura Maki, but according to my sister, she said it was especially delicious as it contains the vegetarian prawn and gives a savory taste and chewy texture.

Ebi Tempura Maki

Vegetarian Ebi Tempura Maki. My sister took this photo after eating 1 piece, so… haha

#6 Japanese Vegetarian Tofunagi Maki – $12

The vegetarian Tofunagi Maki is actually a smoke barbeque vegetarian eel fish sushi. I have tried this dish somewhere else in Singapore as well, so to me it has a similar taste and expectation.

Tofunagi Maki (Singapore Vegetarian)

Vegetarian Japanese Tofunagi Maki in Singapore! Smoke Grilled Vegetarian Eel Fish!

#7 Egg Mayo Onigiri – $3.50

Every time I eat an onigiri will remind me of my time in Japan. Onigiri is one of the best and regular foods I eat as a vegetarian. Convenient take and go from convenience stores. They offer Egg Mayo, Avocado Vegan Mayo, Shiso, and Yaki Shoyu. I really wanted to try the Yaki Shoyu (is like vegetarian grilled Shoyu onigiri), but my stomach can’t contain so much food. Egg Mayo Onigiri is delicious but we have so many dishes on the menu that I would love to try. If you have tried the Yaki Shoyu, please let me know how it tastes. 🙂

Egg Mayo Onigiri

Seeing Vegetarian Egg Mayo Onigiri reminds me of my time in Japan.

#8 Vegan Potato Salad – $4

Even though this is a vegan dish (without eggs and cheese), but the vegan potato salad is rich, tasty, and not overly flavoured so you won’t find too much from the dish. To be honest, I think it is actually a great appetizer.

Vegan Potato Salad

Vegan Potato Salad with my favorite potatoes.

#9 Aonori Fries – $5

I have to say, the Aonori fries can be the ultimate snack winner. As a potato fanatic, I am easily satisfied with potatoes. I am definitely not biased about this one tho, the fries are crispy and tasty with the green laver and seaweed. In my opinion, the fries here can easily beat some of the restaurants who sell fries. haha

Aonori Fries

If you are a fries lover, this won’t disappoint you! Aonori fries are tasty and crispy. I wish this is available near where I stay.

#10 Yuzu Rose Black Tea – $5

Complete your delicious Japanese meal with the Yuzu Rose Black Tea. I honestly didn’t taste the rose part, but I love the Yuzu. Especially Yuzu is low in calories and particularly rich in vitamins A and C. Great antioxidants in the body to reduce inflammation etc… (which I need now)

Yuzu Rose Black Tea

Yuzu Rose Black Tea to complete my meal.

Check out the menu here

Vegan options are available. Do check the menu and verify it with the staff. 🙂

Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore

Check out other pages of the menu below

Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore
Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore Japanese Vegetarian in Singapore


These are what I have tried on my first visit to Lucky Cat Cafe Vegetarian Singapore. I think the food is generally delicious but I hope they can offer more Japanese varieties or even add more Korean dishes into their menu. The more the merrier. That being said, they also offer Singapore dishes on their menu, such as Hokkien Noodles and Mee Goreng, etc. As mentioned, I can’t try all the food I want on my first visit. I will come back again and try the rest. Please share with me your experience by adding your comment below and let me know what you recommend. 🙂

I am publishing the next article on “10 Vegetarian Food in Tokyo Japan You Shouldn’t Miss”. Will release once more travel bubbles open up. If you like this article, please like Facebook Page, follow on Instagram, and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Do also check out other vegetarian or travel articles at Travel Inspiration 360! 🙂

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, more people in this world would be a vegetarian. 

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how to organise sailstation in singapore and food is vegetarian

Keith Yuen January 3 - 11:17 pm

Hi Lucy, you may wish to contact EU Holidays and inform them to make the arrangement once you book. 🙂

Nia Hayes - ShunCy September 10 - 4:06 pm

The Lucky Cat Café is a vegetarian restaurant located at Orchard Central. It is one of the Japanese restaurants in Singapore.
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