Guest Posting Guidelines

by Keith Yuen
Guest Posting Guidelines

Why be a guest writer for Travel Inspiration 360?

A travel blog guest post offers an opportunity to reach a new audience or build a portfolio of work as a freelance writer. Travel Inspiration 360 features travel related article, photos and videos.

Travel Inspiration 360 will only work with independent travel writers or websites. If you are representing a company or desire a link to a company, please email to for collaboration opportunities.

As Keith loves traveling and of course, he is not selfish in sharing your travel experiences as well. 🙂

What type of articles suits Travel Inspiration 360

Genuine travel experiences, stories, encounters or photo essays, travel videos and of course must be accompanied with travel writing. Travel Inspiration 360 website loves featuring visuals such as photos and videos, therefore articles that focus heavily on pictures will fit the bill.

Articles with high quality photos will work best and try not to provide articles with a lot of text and few photos. You can write about a destination, a how-to article or a discussion piece. It is important that you submit your best work and MUST BE A REAL GENUINE TRAVEL, considering it’s an opportunity to expose your website/blog to a new audiences. 🙂

What will you get in return?

Travel Inspiration 360 respect genuine travelers and yes, you will get credit for your work. Travel Inspiration 360 will include a link at the beginning of the article and a writer’s bio at the end, which will include a link to your website or blog. Please do not provide any backlinks within the content of the article.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  1. Material must be new, no previously published content. It must be a genuine travel!
  2. Please DO NOT reused the content on your own website or any other website, unless first agreed upon (this is because Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate content, nor Travel Inspiration 360 do not want to have a duplicate with you on identical articles.)
  3. You are the copyright owner of the content.
  4. Avoid articles that are long text and few photos. A long read can sometimes be a difficult.
  5. For all articles, please provide at least 1024px wide photos. Photos must be sent via dropbox or email, and Travel Inspiration 360 may use these photos to promote the article on Travel Inspiration 360’s website and social media platform.
  6. Keep images to a small file size so they load quickly, less than 500kb preferred.
  7. You are responsible for the promotion of your content through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.
  8. Provide your name as you would like it to appear in the article.
  9. Provide a small bio to be included at the bottom of the article.
  10. Enjoy writing and sharing. 🙂

Alterations to the travel articles

Travel Inspiration 360 reserve the right to make minor editing changes to your article. These include changing the title of the post, moving pictures around, adding links and adding or moving headings. This is all intended to assist in the aesthetic of your article.

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