[Dessert Cafe] Cravings @ Punggol Introducing Western Vegetarian Menu

by Keith Yuen

I have good news to share with everyone! I have successfully convinced the lady boss of Cravings, my favourite hang out place in Punggol to have more vegetarian options in their cafe! My small part to spread the love of vegetarianism to more places in Singapore! Especially in Punggol Promenade area where there aren’t many choices for vegetarians. Cravings cafe is great chillax hang out place for couples, friends and families.


Style: Dessert Cafe + Western Dishes (now with vegetarian options)

Price Range: Between $4.90 to $10.90 per dish

Ambience: Dessert Cafe

Target Group: Small Groups of Friends/Families

Buddies Gathering

Favourite hang out place with my buddies! 🙂

Cafe Info – Cravings

Whenever I’m back in Singapore, Punggol promenade riverside walk is my favourite hang out place because of its relaxing atmosphere and chillax environment. This place is perfect for cyclist, joggers, brisk walkers, or chillax people like me. The convenience of being near to my brother’s place and its chillax ambience made me frequent this area. Dining here for the vegetarians used to be tricky. In the Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk, there is a Hong Kong Cafe, a seafood restaurant (also the place where people do prawning), a bistro cafe and a bar! But none of them has a good variety of vegetarian food options, until today! Yay! Now we have successfully increased one more place to go for Punggol Vegetarians! Cravings Cafe is not just for walk-in diners, they also offered rentals and event hosting for parties etc… This cafe is quite a nice place to chillax during evening or weekends! 🙂

Note: Cravings is NOT a fully vegetarian cafe, please specifically inform the staff that you would like to and order from the Vegetarian menu!

Contact: +65 8685 8786

Address: 6 Tebing Lane #01-05 Singapore 828835

Business Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 4pm to 1am (Closed on Monday & Tuesday)

Website: http://www.cravings.com.sg

Dessert Cafe Cravings

Exterior of the Dessert Cafe – Cravings

How To Get There

Driving: It is not difficult to drive to Punggol promenade riverside walk, its exact location is at Tebing Lane. There is a good number of parking lots available at Tebing Lane, from the parallel parking option (remember to check to see if you need to use your parking coupons, it might be free after 10pm) or you may enter the ERP gantry parking at the @Punggol park.

MRT: Cravings is conveniently located near Rivera LRT, a breezy 4 minutes walk which is about 350 meters away from the station. Pretty straightforward right? 🙂

Map to Cravings

Map to Cravings Cafe

Map Credit: Google Map

Food You Shouldn’t Miss

Vegetarian Mac & Cheese – $7.90

Vegetarian Baked Pasta

Vegetarian Mac & Cheese

First up, my own personal favourite among the vegetarian options, the Mac & Cheese Baked Pasta is prepared with vegetarian ham, seasoned cream and covered with a nice layer of cheese! The vegetarian ham provides a strong savoury taste and it mixed very well with the cream and cheese!

Vegetarian Baked Pasta

Filled with vegetarian ham and well seasoned pasta

Vegetarian Hawaiian Pizza – $8.90

Similarly to the vegetarian Mac & Cheese, the pizza is generously filled with a thick layer of cheese and vegetarian ham in it. You will not feel jelat (feeling too cheesy) due to its crispy thin crust which makes a perfect match with the ingredients.

Vegetarian Pizza

Thin crispy vegetarian pizza

Baked Wedges / Red Skin Mash Potatoes – $4.90 each

Great news to all potato lovers! I always appreciate cafe/restaurants (not the fine dining ones) to at least sell some fries! More importantly, they must be prepared by clean and uncontaminated oil from meat. Fortunately, you can choose from the big fat wedges or the juicy crispy curly fries, with or without cheese! This will definitely provide me sufficient carbohydrates boost! haha 🙂

Cravings is also introducing their Red Skin Mash Potatoes in their menu suitable for vegetarians too. I have yet to try, but leave a comment below and let us know whether you like it. 🙂

Vegetarian Wedges & Curly Fries

The Wedges & Curly Fries

Vegetarian Savoury Waffle Ham & Cheese – $7.90

Honestly, the savoury waffle is not an easy find for vegetarians, many of the savoury waffle out there in the restaurants or cafes contain meat ingredients. I’m glad Cravings has taken the lead to introduce a savoury vegetarian waffle in their menu and use vegetarian mock meat instead! Cravings pride their waffles as “crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside”, and in my opinion, it mixed quite well together! I will weigh and rank this higher than the pizza! 🙂 But, I would suggest sharing it with others than having it by yourself! It’s kinda filling for stomach, defintely not a desert dish! haha 🙂

Vegetarian Savoury Waffle

Honestly, this is delicious! 🙂

Ice Cream Waffle – $10.90 (2 scoops ice cream), $5.90 (plain waffle with butter & maple)

Of course, who doesn’t like ice creams? Cravings cafe pride themselves on sourcing for the best flavours of ice cream to sell in their cafe and they have some really unique ice creams flavours. I have personally tried only a few and some of it were really good. The ice cream flavours that they have are:

  • Apple Pie – personally not my favourite, but two of my buddies love it! 🙂
  • Dark Chocolate – I’m easily satisfied with dark chocolate!
  • Thai Milk Tea – I love this! I repeat, I LOVE the Thai Milk Tea flavour, it’s good, but a little sweet due to the milk, but I still love it! 🙂
  • Coconut – The taste is quite rich and I kinda like it.
  • The sorbets (Lychee & Yuzu) – haven’t try it before, I think it might be similar to the beverages they have as well. haha
  • French Vanilla – I have yet to try this.
  • Strawberry – I am not a big fan of strawberry ice cream, enough said! haha

If you wanna spare some calories, you may opt out for the waffles and just head straight for the ice cream, 1 scoop is $3.90 and 2 scoops is $6.90.

Vegetarian Ice Cream Waffle

The mouthwatering Ice Cream Waffle… yummmm

Chocolate Monster, Lycheetini, Yuzu Fizz & Frosty Bandung – $7.90 each

The beverages are OMG, really good! My personal all time favourite is the Chocolate Monster! It used to be named something else (“Graveyard” I think) but after taking in the feedback from us, the lady boss took my brother’s suggestion and renamed it as Chocolate Monster instead! haha Well, I should agree that this is really a monster to me, I gotta work double hard to burn off those extra calories! A big monster indeed! haha But I’m crazily addicted and in love with this chocolate drink. It’s chocolate drink with chocolate ice cream and oreo! Brings me back straight to childhood! LOL

Chocolate Monster

Introducing my favourite Chocolate Monster! Beware of getting hooked! haha

For non-chocolate lovers, fruity options may be suitable for your needs. Before Chocolate Monster was introduced, the Lycheetini and Yuzu Fizz were my favourite drinks. Don’t be fool by its names, they don’t contain alcohol at all. The Yuzu Fizz is not as sweet as the Lycheetini, so do try these awesome drinks in Cravings according to your own preference. 🙂

Cravings Drinks

Since it’s Xmas, we decided to decorate the food and beverages to make it festive like. Better for photos! haha

Other Food For Consideration

Vegetarian Triple Shrooms Pizza – $8.90

The vegetarian triple shrooms pizza is definitely for mushrooms lovers! If you like mushrooms, this won’t go wrong! The chef uses shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms! However, in my opinion, it’s good to throw in a bit of vegetable like capsicum to perfect the taste! I have given my feedback to the chef and I think she is trying to refine a bit their ingredients in this pizza. haha Somehow, I felt something was missing.

Vegetarian Mushroom Pizza

It’s also thin crispy crust pizza filled with three different types of mushrooms! 🙂

Vegetarian Baked Mushroom Cheese Pasta – $7.90

The vegetarian baked mushroom cheese pasta was pretty decent in my opinion. This pasta is a tomato sauce based pasta. I am not a fan of tomato sauce based and always preferred Aligo Olio (Olive oil with chilli, Yum!) than the tomato based pasta, but that is just my personal preference. haha Anyway, one of my buddies love it, so I can’t be a good judge of it. You make your call! 🙂

Vegetarian Baked Mushroom Pasta

The reindeer makes it cuter aye? Isn’t it? haha

Vegetarian Baked Mushroom Pasta

Tomato based pasta with mushrooms! 🙂

Christmas Special Promo

As thanksgiving was just over and Christmas is round the corner, this is a season of giving without a thought of getting! Cravings Cafe is dishing out their Christmas promotion to all cafe goers and diners, and more importantly to Travel Inspiration 360‘s readers. Yay! Bring your friends or families to Cravings and follow the instructions below to enjoy 10% discount off your total bill. This promotion valid till 31 December 2016. 🙂

Xmas Gathering Vegetarian Cafe

So ready for Xmas with buddies! 🙂

Please follow the 3 steps instruction to get the 10% discount at Cravings:

Step 1: Follow Travel Inspiration 360’s Instagram Account (If you have not done so)


Step 2: Follow Cravings.sg’s Instagram Account


Step 3: Present the code below before making your payment

Code to enjoy 10% OFF your bill: #ti360

*Promotion is valid until 31st December 2016 and is only for dine in! Not valid with set meals, delivery, takeaway and other promotions.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” ~ Peg Bracken

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LY December 1 - 1:27 pm

Nice! I love their savoury waffles! Tantalising!

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Ang Eng Kiat November 13 - 10:52 am

Is it still open? There is no Year stated in your postings

Keith Yuen November 18 - 12:55 am

Hi Eng Kiat, sorry about it. Cravings was closed for good. Hope all is well 🙂


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