25 Must Do Activities In The Paradise of Boracay Island, Philippines

by Keith Yuen

Kumusta kayó? haha Whenever people ask me for beach destination recommendation for South East Asia, I will not hesitate to introduce Philippines! Many people always think about having a vacation in Thailand, they have no idea what they might miss out about the Philippines! Apart from the quality beaches, clear blue sky and deep calm beautiful ocean, what makes Philippines a unique and perfect destination is – the people! I have never seen so many beautiful people and received such warmth hospitality, no other than The Philippines!

The tropical island of Boracay is one of the Philippines’ most popular world’s destinations. Its white sand beaches are the island’s main draws. Explore the 4.5-mile-long island by motorized pedicab or rent a bicycle or motorbike from your resort. Boracay is divided into three main districts: Yapak in the north, Balabag in the center, and Manoc-Manoc in the south. Central Boracay is situated in the mid-west of the island along White Beach

Here are the few things you must prepare yourself for this heavenly paradise! 🙂

1) Helmet Diving

Ever wonder what it feels like to walk on the ocean floor? Helmet diving allows you to climb down a ladder until you reach a sea bed (around 10 ft. below the surface) while wearing a helmet made of glass plates. The helmet makes it possible for you to breathe underwater while marveling at Boracay’s colorful sea floor with an abundance of tropical fish! You need not panic and enjoy the fishes with plenty supply of oxygen! 🙂


2) Flying Fish Boat Ride

This is by far the most strenuous water sports ever! If you think this is easy, try to sit behind and if you afraid of water and no strong arms, I suggest you give this a miss! haha


3) Banana Boat Ride

This is much easier than flying fish boat ride! Should say this is for beginner or people who wants excitement but don’t wanna fall into the sea! haha


4) Snorkeling

If you do not have a padi license, snorkeling in Boracay Island is a good choice. Depending which site you snorkel, the white beach side has lesser current and the water is perfect for you to laze on the surface of the sea! You may see heaps of tiger fishes and smaller fishes! Your boat guide will provide you with bread but its not for you to eat but for the fishes to swim together with you! haha Well, if you are hungry why not? Bear in mind that the small fishes do BITE! LOL

DSC07650 DSC07661

5) Scuba Diving

If you have a padi license, you may dive underwater and enjoy more fishes and corals! Beware of the sea urchins, there are the last thing you wish to land your feets on! haha


6) Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

This is the BEST of the BEST activity in Boracay! I went there twice and I always had a BLAST! Awesome fun and sun! Diving was a bit scary cos I did the highest dive (16 meters) twice! Not many people dare to do that but yea… YOLO… I did it twice! Can say I am proud, but do bear in mind… diving is at own risk! There were people who hurt or injured themselves from cliff diving before.

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There are also unlimited food and drinks at Ariel’s Point! Nothing can beat this in Boracay Island! MUST MUST MUST DO! 🙂


 7) Paraw Sailing

Besides getting a massage, this is the most relaxing activity ever in Boracay Island! haha I love lOvE LOVE the relaxation and you must only do this during sunset! 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKexplorer-004

8) ATV

ATV is not that thrilling but is fun to spend 2 hours exploring the Island with your friends! 🙂


9) Mount Luho – The Highest Peak of the Island

This is very worth to take a look and very good scenery from the top over seeing the entire Island and activities going on there. I feel I was like paying Sim Island Resort or something LOL

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10) The Zorb Ball

hahaha… I can only say, you need to think and choose who you are sharing the ball with! haha Better choose someone with short hands and legs… surely the very last thing you wish to happen is your buddies legs or hand are on your face! haha


11) Jonas Fruits Juice

Highly recommended! Actually, we saw this recommendation from trip advisor and I should say… I need to spread the love and message! It’s really heavenly delicious! 🙂


12) Saint Maria On Willy’s Rock

Beautiful, calm, peaceful lies Saint Maria on Willy’s Rock at Boracay White Beach near station 1 and Jonas Fruit Juice.

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13) Laze at the white sand and enjoy the calm warm sea water

No where else in the world you can find such relaxation at fine powder like white beach sand! So do give yourself at least sometime to get some barbeque by the sun! 🙂


14) Group Jump Shots

Well, dont waste the fine powder white beach sand! Make full use of it… since it’s so smoothing… jump as high as possible and get the best photo out of it! 🙂


15) Barbeque & Steamboat – Vegetarian of course! 🙂

Often, I can walk into a restaurant and ask for a nice BBQ or steamboat dinner, cos I am a vegetarian! HOWEVER, 6 of us managed to accomplish this mission impossible! haha We went to Dmall and local market and get all necessary stuff! Even the hotel staff were impressed with our vegetarian bbq dinner at our resort! 🙂

DSC06642 ???????????????????????????????DSC07357

16) Canoeing

Back at the waters again! Fun canoeing!


17) Shopping!!! haha

You will be surprised! How fun shopping in Boracay Island is…


 18) Taking the bicycle ride

Somehow, I feel bad for the cyclist and we decided to do it ourselves! 🙂

DSC06434 DSC06787 DSC06791

19) Building Sandcastle

haha of course we did it! *Feeling proud! 🙂


Neah.. we didn’t! 🙂

20) Massage

How can you miss the best activity on this paradise island? haha Just $8 for 1 or 1.5 hours, you will have full relaxation! 🙂


 But better choose the right professional masseur! Else you suffer! haha


21) Go to the Treehouse!

If you have someone’s birthday! Do go to Treehouse! They have amazing band and singers and superb ambience! 🙂


22) Make full use of your resort activities!

Well, you paid an amount for the facilities not just the room! So why not make full use of it? 🙂

20131221_093831 DSC06505 DSC06936 DSC07357 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

23) Take a fast boat ride

Need for speed! haha


 24) Celebrate Xmas at Boracay!

I spent twice my Xmas at Boracay Island! People were amazing and atmosphere was really nice and relaxing! Of course, lotsa fun with buddies! 🙂

DSC06895 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSC06910 DSC06929

25) Parties and Parties!

You can’t be saying you visited Boracay before unless you join in one of the parties! 🙂


Well, the above are my recommendations for Boracay Island! Some people told me they went Boracay for 3 Days 2 Nights… Back of my mind is… this person is gonna miss out sooooo much in that paradise island! haha

Okay, hope you enjoy and be inspired to visit Boracay soon! 🙂 Remember to like Travel Inspiration 360 🙂

“Your true traveler finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty-his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure.” – Aldous Huxle

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ainsley19 June 10 - 12:27 pm

Boracay is really a nice place to have a vacation with some friends. Enjoying the beach with their finest powdered white sand, chillin, be amazed to the breathtaking Boracay Sunset, the Good food, good people, trying some Boracay adventures and be amazed to the beauty of Boracay. Like Fern Tosco said “I wanna go back to the Island called Boracay”.I want to go back there, and to feel again the personalized service of the hotel that were staying for 5 days. its a Modern hotel, with a well designed rooms for family, some groups and most especially to the honeymooners, very hospitable and friendly staff, the clean room, the complementary coffee,and the delicious food for breakfast. It’s just a 5 mins away from the famous white beach with their complimentary shuttle service. Just email them at the reservation@theorientbeach to know their affordable promos and packages every season..See you in your next trip it Boracay 🙂

Miles of Happiness - Marie August 7 - 3:47 pm

I was a bit scared of going there… Paradise or not? Tourist trap? Wow, what a nice surprise once arrived there! Loved it! It is not a paradise, I guess for some it is… But it’s a wonderful destination for a 3 days trip with some friends.

I’ve actually just published a post about my stay there!

Irynne June 24 - 12:19 am

Hi, Just want to know where did you stay in Boracay and if you have contact number would you mind, sharing it to us. We are family of 25 going to Boracay on January 1-4, 2017. What is the capacity of that place you stayed in?

Kenny October 19 - 9:55 am

We go every year and station two is our favorite at the regency or now called Henann…all meals and I mean great great meals are included and there are four swimming pools and beach security on their private beach… no one will steal all your purses or mess with any of your private material and I always tip the security guy couple of box to keep an eye on my stuff it’s also a great place to get bargains if you’re ever looking to buy anything which I do plenty of and the beach there is spotless and well taken care of it’s just the best of everything for us if you want to walk to station one you take a right if you want to walk to station three and take a left you’re not stuck at one end or the other and they treat you awesome but once again the food is our favorite 🙂

Juan Carlos August 19 - 7:31 pm

It looks like you really enjoy our beautiful country. Our country have plenty of beautiful God given natural scenery not man made

Nick April 22 - 6:25 am

Boracay is undoubtedly a heaven! I’d love to come there soon. It’s a spot to unwind and taking things delayed through viewing the nightfalls and simply chill in the beach. Much thanks to you such a great amount for sharing your experience!

Maui Lifted Jeeps Rentals January 30 - 9:38 pm

Hey, thanks! What is the best month to go there?

Keith Yuen February 15 - 4:34 am

Hmmm, in general, the October to April time is the best for PH due to lesser threats from the typhoon. It’s dry so you won’t need wet weather alternatives. haha


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