10 Unconventional Photos At The Grand Canyon, USA

by Keith Yuen

Some people said “If you have extra time to spare in Vegas, do visit the Grand Canyon.” Well, I beg to differ! In fact I will advise you that you MUST make time to visit one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world! I’m pretty sure you will be charmed by the most powerful, and inspiring landscape that will overwhelms your senses via the immense size, filled with unique mixture of colours and rock formations that decorate the canyon.

First of all, you need to get there and nothing can beat the experience by renting a bumblebee car (Chevrolet Camaro) and travel from Nevada (Vegas) to Arizona (Grand Canyon) Of course, I can’t have this awesome trip without my dear buddy Jordan Casey from CANADA! YAY! 🙂


Chevrolet Camaro from Vegas to Grand Canyon

Honestly, what kind of transport you take to Grand Canyon is not important, more importantly you MUST get there! haha 🙂

As Grand Canyon is a National Park…I sort of  anticipated some interactions with the wild animals such as raccoon, antelope, gray fox, mule or maybe some american bear? LOL… Unfortunately, I didn’t see any mammals there, except for some random cows, hence that caused me to plan a trip to the national parks in Africa! Well, I’m not going to dwell on it now… Grand Canyon is not famous for safari ride anyway… just my expectations were sort of… “messed up!” haha


Random cows @ Grand Canyon

In a nutshell, grand canyon was breath taking, spectacular, magnificent… cliche as it sounds.. it was really an awesome sight of natural geographical feature!


Grand Canyon Formations

Although there were no wildlife there, there is one thing you will see for sure – The human-beings!!! They never failed to loiter around or photo bomb you anytime! haha It’s just a minor annoyance but it’s fine! Right now, I am going to share with you my 10 unconventional ways of taking photos at Grand Canyon! 🙂

1) On the Edge


On the edge of Grand Canyon


On the edge of Grand Canyon

According to dictionary, on the edge means very anxious, becoming distraught and verge of becoming irrational! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT try this at home! Well, maybe not your home but at any Canyon or cliff! It’s not funny, my legs were shaking when I did these!

2) Wild Arts


Come on, you are in Grand Canyon! Certainly need some arty photos i.e. making a boring looking canyon rock seems more interesting! 🙂

3) KJS


KJS @ Grand Canyon


KJS @ Grand Canyon

KJS!!! haha Okay, I can repeat again… KJS means Keith Jump Shot! That’s my signature jump around the world! LOL Copyright and I’m watching you! So… don’t ever try to copy! haha

4) Sleep Tanning


Sleep Tanning @ Grand Canyon with Jordan Casey (Canada)

God knows why sleeping at the grand canyon was such a great experience! You should try this! It can save you loads of money from accommodation and “guarantee” you a good quality sleep! 🙂



ANTM Grand Canyon with Jordan

Tyra Bank’s quote “Chase your dream, work to the extreme.” One of you will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model @ Grand Canyon! Sounds pretty Tyra right? LOL PS: The gal was from Taiwan, a random request to take a photo with us! Told ya we only spotted humans at the Grand Canyon and nothing else! haha

6) I’m the king of the world – Hercules


King of Grand Canyon, Jordan my warrior protecting me haha

Hercules @ Grand Canyon

Every man has a dream to be a king and climbing up a peak will make you feel like a king! I was pretty strong… Let me divulge a secret to ya… I actually saved the Taiwanese girl from this rock, that’s why she wanted to have a pic with me! *feeling proud haha 🙂

7) Inspirational


Inspiration @ Grand Canyon

An inspirational photo at Grand Canyon can make your trip worthwhile! Somehow, a back view of a person can sort of bring out an inspirational feel! haha

To get 100% for an inspirational shot, you will need:

  • 75 points for being at Grand Canyon
  • 20 points for back view
  • 5 points for pointing at something far

PS: I was pointing at nothing! 🙂

8) West Rim @ Guano Point – Skywalk


West Rim Guano Point – Skywalk


Standard skywalk photo!


Sky Walk (just random pose)

Some people think Skywalk at West Rim Guano Point is a tourist trap! My opinion, it is! Kinda wasting time because you could really take nicer photos anywhere else in the Grand Canyon! For those who wish to add in a little more adventure, you may try the Skywalk at Guano Point! 🙂 It is a transparent horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge.

You may do the “famous” sky diving post… but honestly, nobody cares what you are doing (can see for yourself from my pic) haha

Grand Canyon West (including skywalk) is open from 8am to 5pm daily from October to March and 7am to 7pm daily from April to September.

9) Boring


Grand Canyon

Number #9 is BORING!!! Don’t get me wrong… good posture and smiling at the camera is pretty important too… in case you need to show some photos to the “boring” friends, colleague or acquaintance of yours! Boring is good for these group of people! haha

10) Grand Canyon Signboard


Gamyu – Grand Canyon West (with awesome Canadian buddy Jordan Casey)

You will be surprised! A lot of my friends told me they didn’t see any signage of  “welcome to Grand Canyon”! haha At the end of the day, you need some evidences to show people that you really went to Grand Canyon right? This won’t go wrong! haha 🙂

I hope you enjoy my random 10 unconventional ways of photos at grand canyon! Grand Canyon is a spectacular place and you can spend many many hours or even days trekking, hiking and enjoying this piece of natural wonder in the world! Doing something funny and unconventional can make your trip and photos a little more memorable! Drop drop me a comment or invite me to your photos if you been to Grand Canyon as well! 🙂

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”- Babs Hoffman


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Dylan Wright November 8 - 7:10 pm

Nice pictures! My wife and I also traveled here in the summer. But we have not figured out with public transport on this we rented a car. And we did the right thing, car rental made the trip more comfortable

Sabbir November 10 - 2:25 am

I also love traveling to new places by car. Thanks for sharing such a piece of beautiful information with us.


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