10 Things To Do in Bandung, Indonesia

by Keith Yuen

Bandung, Indonesia, in my opinion, is one of the prettiest city in Indonesia. Nestled between three mountains and well known for its cool calming weather because of its higher altitudes, Bandung is a cool city very different from the rest of the Indonesian cities. Even though it can get really busy in Bandung (especially on the road), it still gave me a very deep relaxing and surreal feeling. A perfect destination for people who loves nature and wants a slower pace for your visit! (No matter what, the traffic will slow down your pace! haha)

There are actually many things you can do in Bandung, but I’m going to shortlist to you 10 things to do in Bandung. 🙂

#1 Best things to do in Bandung! Check out the volcanic crater lake of Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih, also known as the white crater, is a lake that is formed in the crater of an active volcano. You can see the burnt trees and shrubs on one side and the high mountains peaks on the other. This deserted gorgeous lake which is absolutely green due to its sulphur content produces smoke emerging from the lake which makes a scene to behold.


Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih


Kawah Putih

Standing in the middle of Kawah Putih

As it us high up on the mountains in Ciwidey, the fog and clouds add to a stunning visual treat to your eyes. One can go and stand on the island in the centre of this lake and view the beauty and the power of nature. Absolutely stunning!


Kawah Putih

Immersed by the beauty of Kawah Putih


Kawah Putih

The dry woods and trees in Kawah Putih creates a mysterious and surreal place to visit!

#2 Go for a peaceful and surreal lunch at Dusan Bambu

Dusan Bambu is actually a restaurant and family leisure park rolled into one! And this tourist spot is popular for a reason – its beauty! The place is indescribable amazing! If you travelled all the way here for good food you may be disappointed, however, if the scenery is your objective, you won’t be short-changed! 🙂


Dusan Bambu

When in Dusan Bambu, I expect a HUGE bamboo! haha

From the ticket counter, there’s a small shuttle that will drop you off in front of a gigantic bamboo landmark (see above). On the left, you will see Purbasari, where you can enjoy Sundanese food in cottages around a lake.


Dusan Bambu

Beautiful Water Bungalow and Chalet! 🙂


Dusan Bambu

The beautiful lake for YOU to explore and chillax! 🙂


Dusan Bambu

R&R and take a boat tour around the beautiful lake! 🙂

They have a restaurant on the lake and a nice flower garden with some entertainment booth for kids. You can find many awesome spots for a nice photo here! Very Instagram worthy! 🙂


Dusan Bambu Restaurant

R&R at Dusan Bambu Restaurant


Food at Dusan Bambu Restaurant

Food at Dusan Bambu Restaurant


Dusan Bambu Restaurant

A heavenly taste! 🙂

Note: Do come early in the morning and make sure you arrive there as soon as it open to avoid the crowd! The morning sunlight will reward you with superb photos!

#3 Have a coffee or tea break at Armor Kopi

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Are you keen to try some authentic traditional local coffee? The Armor Kopi (Arabia Multi Origin Kopi) is situated in the middle of the Sundanese forest at Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, using only pure Indonesian coffee beans and traditional manual brewing method, this place produces one of the best coffee in Bandung! Though they don’t have many coffee concoctions like cappuccino or mocha latte, the natural view from this coffee place beats any Starbucks I have been to. An ideal place to sit back and relax.


Armor Kopi

Armor Kopi


Exploring Armor Kopi

Exploring Armor Kopi

Armor Kopi is situated in a wooden house filled with transparent bags of coffee beans. To order, just choose the type of beans you like or get help from the local barista to recommend a suitable flavour, then sit back, relax and enjoy your hot coffee and the view.


Armor Kopi

Coffee or Tea?


Drinking Coffee

First time drinking coffee in a natural environment, beautiful woods, birds chirping and great cooling weather! What a place to beat cafes and coffee house! 🙂

A great place to chill out with your friends or have some quality gossiping time with your buddies! haha



A great place to chillax with your friends! 🙂


Men Gossiping Over Coffee

Men do gossip too! haha Not!


Gossipers Over Coffee

The more the merrier!!! Then it becomes real gossiping session! hahaha

#4 Enjoy your quality time with your family at Ciwidey Valley Resort

The Ciwidey Valley Resort area sits on the edge of a mountain with nice views of the valley. There is an aviary and also playground to occupy the kids. A perfect destination to keep your kids entertained! 🙂 In my opinion, I think is better that you stay elsewhere as there aren’t many things to do here and just visit this location to chill and enjoy the beautiful lunch spot! 🙂


Ciwidey Valley Resort

Ciwidey Valley Resort

Speaking of food, I want to seize this opportunity to resolve a childhood surmise. Of course, just like many of us, I wondered in the past whether the famous childhood drink in Singapore & Malaysia – Bandung drinks (rose syrup mixed with milk) has anything to do with Bandung Indonesia! haha Well, after this trip, I was enlightened by my Indonesian friends that there is absolutely NO association or relationship between the two! haha Yes, Bandung drinks is not originated from Bandung, Indonesia! haha However, in Bandung, there is a famous dessert which is similar to Bandung drink in Singapore and Malaysia – The Es Doger drink! This refreshing dessert is actually the sweet coconut milk-based ice in rose syrup, served with black jelly, and sweet condensed milk. Yummy and sedap!!! (delicious in Malay) haha Give it a try when you come across it in Bandung! 🙂


Es Doger

Es Doger


Es Doger

Es Doger

#5 Feed the deer at the Ranca Upas Deer Farm

Did you know that there is a small deer conservation in South Bandung! Well, I didn’t until recently! This is located near the tea plantation at the foot of Mount Patuha Rancabali. Somewhere near to Ciwidey Valley and Kawah Putih! For families, this can be a good spot to bring your kiddos and feed the deer.


One of the things to do in Bandung, visit Ranca Upas Deer Farm

Ranca Upas Deer Farm


Ranca Upas Deer Farm

Waiting for my carrots! 🙂

Who wouldn’t like to get up close and personal with these cute little creatures? They are just too adorable! 🙂 For campers, I have good news, there is a designated camping ground in the area. Warning: It can be quite cold especially at night! 🙂

#6 Visit a strawberry farm

The whole region near to Kawah Putih and Ciwidey Valley is like a large strawberry farm area. You may like to check out some cool and beautiful small strawberry farms, do some strawberry tasting and buy some home! 🙂


Bandung Strawberry Farm

Bandung Strawberry Farm


Bandung Strawberry Farm

Fresh Bandung’s Strawberries


Bandung Paddy Field

Local Bandung Paddy Field

#7 Immerse by the Indonesian angklung (idiophone) culture art performance

What I feel unique about South East Asians is the cultural aspect. The Indonesian archipelago is soooooo HUGE and there are so many cultural diversities within. One of the things that I personally enjoyed is the local traditional music – Indonesian Angklung. The Angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument consisting of two to four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame, bound with rattan cords. Something like the idiophone, but a little different.


Indonesian angklung idiophone

Man playing Indonesian angklung aka idiophone

#8 Chill in a human bird nest at Dusan Bambu

Ever dream to fly like a bird and create your own bird nest? Well, half of your dream may be realised because you can chillax and have your meal in a human hanging nest at Dusan Bambu. It looks really relaxing and beautiful. Each of the nest is suitable to accommodate a family to have their lunch and enjoy the experience. Consider this as one of an interesting things to do in Bandung! 🙂


Bird Nest

The Human Bird Nest


Bird Nest Restaurant

A rest and relax nest for you! 🙂


Bird Nest Rooms

The walkway to the human bird nest! 🙂

#9 Appreciate the high-quality Sundanese nature environment

Even though Bandung is situated near the equator it is a city blessed with cool weather due to its high altitude. I felt very refreshed and recharged when I was in Bandung than in other Indonesian cities. While weather plays an important role. The natural scenery and environment contribute to a major part of Bandung being a unique Indonesian city. With Volcano colouring the landscape, high altitude cooling down the weather and the thick forest producing the massive amount of fresh air, Bandung allows one to relax on their vacation. Every corner in Bandung is picturesque and instagram worthy! 🙂


Chasing after ducks

Chasing after the ducks! 🙂


Bandung Trees

The tropical forest in Bandung


Kawah Putih Forest

When you put all South East Asians Bloggers together! We posed! 🙂

#10 Shopping!!!

Bandung, while known for its numerous attractions and beautiful scenery is also a famous shopping destination. I am not really a shopper, but in Bandung, there a stretches of famous boutiques, factory outlet and malls for shopper enthusiasts to conquer. Selling world renowned brands at discounted rate like Zara, Esprit, Nike, Armani, Guess, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Adidas and so on. Get on to Jalan Riau and shop till you drop! 🙂 One of the favourite things to do in Bandung.


Jalan Riau

Jalan Riau in Bandung

Heritage is one of the famous shopping malls in Bandung and recognisable by its beautiful white colonial style building you ought to visit. Shopping here makes you feel like entering a time machine and checking out an ancient city. Somehow, back to the past. It is totally different shopping experience to developed cities or even in Bangkok, Thailand.


Bandung Heritage

Bandung Heritage, not a museum but a shopping mall! 🙂

#Bonus 11: Photography tip on taking a picture with the ducks! 🙂

Fancy a cool relaxing photo with the ducks swimming gracefully in the pond at Dusan Bambu? Watch the clip below and get some inspiration how you can orchestrate a setup for such photo opportunity! haha 🙂 One of the possible things to do in Bandung! 🙂


Lake Dusan Bambu

Ever wonder how I managed to get this beautiful photos? Watch the clip below! 🙂

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

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Wonderful Indonesia

Thank You, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia


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