10 Instagram-Worthy Spots In Salamanca, Spain

by Keith Yuen
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Raise your hand if you think of Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia when someone asks you to name a city in Spain! Enough of the Soccer influence! There are far too many beautiful cities and towns to visit in Spain and one of them is Spain’s “Golden City, Salamanca. Salamanca is rich in architectural, religious and gastronomic culture. There are too many Instagram-Worthy Spots in Salamanca, that alone makes it one of the must-visit cities in Spain!

Salamanca Cathedral

Salamanca is one of the cities in Spain that will provide you many Instagram Worthy spots!

Just 200km away from the Spanish capital, Madrid, the beautiful city of Salamanca is not difficult to travel to at all. In my opinion, Salamanca is a very beautiful and unique city. It has an ancient university town,  that sort of reminds me of Cambridge in England, A city filled with rich history and ancient coloured stone buildings and a spectacular Plaza Mayor. Its historic center has important Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque influences, hence it is filled with cultural buildings and monuments. Due to its history, there are many Instagram-worthy spots in Salamanca that many people might not know. Are you curious to find out and want to visit? Let me share with you the 10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Salamanca! 🙂

*Warning: Don’t be jealous of my Instagram photos! haha

Bell Tower Salamanca

It’s never about the destination, but opening our eyes and mind, and embarking the new way of seeing things! 🙂

#1 Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

Founded in 1134, Universidad de Salamanca is the soul of Salamanca, which is one of the oldest and top-ranked University in Europe. This university attracts many students from across Spain and the world. I heard from the locals that many people from overseas came here to study or brush up on their Spanish among other subjects. 🙂

Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

An investment in education pays the best interest! 🙂

Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

Romantic place to rekindle my school romance! haha

The outside and the inside of the building are both excellent. Of course, the most famous part is the absolutely wonderful façade on the building but I feel that inside is also wonderfully beautiful and full of character.

Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

Superior Interior Architecture Design! I can spend here all day long! 🙂

Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

Cool places to hang out with my fraternity! haha

You would require a special permission to get to the inside of the main rooms of the University library as it is usually reserved for academics and students. Looking at my photo below you can see for yourself why the Renaissance staircase in the library is one of the most spectacular Instagram-Worthy Spots in Salamanca.

Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

There is no elevator to education and success! You must take the stairs and one at the time! 🙂

Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca University)

Education is the only way to climb for a higher success! 🙂

The main room of the library looks like a library of Harry Potter movie scene.

Salamanca University Library

Do you wish to grab a book in this library? haha

Salamanca University Library

Fascinating magical library to study huh? LOL

#2 Plaza Mayor

The center of the city lies the Plaza Mayor! An extremely beautiful, grandiose Baroque square that has always been the heart of Salamanca with Salamanca University being the soul! This is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors, where you can do almost anything: shop, stroll, eat, hang out with friends or listen to the music of the buskers in the streets. You can spend hours in this HUGE lively square and never get bored! Take your time to snap as many photos as you like, and after that head for its gates, which will take you to the most interesting buildings in the area.

Plaza Mayor

Too many seats for me to choose, come again at 7pm! You don’t even have a place to stand! haha 🙂

Plaza Mayor

The beautiful Plaza Mayor in the evening! 🙂

#3 New Cathedral of Salamanca

There are two Cathedrals in Salamanca, Old Cathedral and simply, the New Cathedral of Salamanca! The New Cathedral was built between the 16th to 18th century. Started with a Gothic style, then merge with the new Renaissance style as time passed, this newly developed hybrid style was later named the Plateresque style! Long story short, this New Cathedral is FULL of STYLE! You must visit the New Cathedral to marvel at its unique architecture and you sure won’t regret!

New Cathedral Salamanca

Amazing view on the rooftop of New Cathedral Salamanca! 🙂

New Cathedral Salamanca

Amazing interior!

New Cathedral Salamanca

Notable interior for its fine and delicate cornices, slender pillars and intricately carved sandtone walls!

New Cathedral Salamanca

Imrepssive stone pillars and columns with their shear size and height!

#4 Old Cathedral of Salamanca

The Old Cathedral was built between the 12th to 14th century. A simpler yet still beautiful Cathedral as compared to the New Cathedral. The two Cathedrals are just opposite one another, making it so convenient for visitors to see both Cathedrals without travelling too far! The grand Baroque architecture will lure you in for hours to admire its fine details!

Old Cathedral Salamanca

Magnificent Architecture of the Old Cathedral Salamanca!

Old Cathedral Salamanca

Fascinating medieval wall paintings and spectacular main altarpiece!

#5 Casa Lis

This is a beautiful and interesting museum that is housed in a mansion and built on the ancient wall of Salamanca! The external facade is built with iron and glass which makes it a beautiful site for Instagram photos! The interior has many interesting exhibits. such as glassworks, bronze, ceramics, Spanish paintings, and erm… dolls, thankfully no Annabelle doll was seen! haha This place is great for folks who love or are curious about Art Noveau and Art Decor. The colours here are spectacular in daylight!

Casa Lis

This place is kinda arty farty! Makes you more cultured and artistic! haha 🙂

Casa Lis

Seeing too many dolls, I gotta unwind a bit at the top cafe/bar in the Casa Lis! 🙂

#6 Towers of La Clerecia

This historical building was built during the 17th century. The towers were designed to bring people closer to heaven. This is an amazing spot and my personal favourite top Instagram-Worthy Spots in Salamanca! Being at the top of the bell tower and admiring the scenic view is pure delight! It has a good view of the church and the top sculptures, as well as the beautiful background over the town. However, to get to the bell tower, this involves a bit of climbing. It is not a difficult climb and well worth the exercise! At the bell level, you could walk from one tower to another to check out the different views provided by each tower. From here you would get an unobstructed 360 degrees view of Salamanca and of course, the great views of the two Cathedrals! 🙂

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#7 Convento de San Esteban

The Convento de San Esteban is a beautiful Dominican Monastery right opposite my hotel, Hotel Grand Hotel Don Gregorio. I was attracted by the interesting facade, which comprises of the front of the church and the adjacent monastery portico. This makes a great spot for those wide angle lens shot!

Convento de San Esteban

No matter how poor your photography skills are, you won’t go wrong here! haha

The interior is amazing, remember to check out the Cloisters of the King, the arches that border the serene garden are semi-circular and designed in Renaissance style! Do also check out the 15th century Soto Staircase while you are there! 🙂

Convento de San Esteban

Beautiful Monastery for cultivation! 🙂

Convento de San Esteban

Please do not try this at home! Erm, in the Monastery! 🙂

Convento de San Esteban

Somehow my pink shirt matches the wine pale tone of the architecture! You can consider wear pink for your photos here! 🙂

#8 Hotel Grand Hotel Don Gregorio

I rarely include hotels to check out when visiting a city, but this time is different! The luxury boutique hotel was actually built in the 15th century! This is an ancient mansion located in one of the most scenic locations in all of Salamanca. Besides the great service and the elegantly designed luxurious rooms, what I want to highlight is the luxurious hotel lobby in Hotel Grand Hotel Don Gregorio. Originally an open-air courtyard of the mansion, now it is part of a beautifully enclosed hotel lobby. Sitting in the hotel lobby makes me feel like I am a guest in the home of a Noble Spanish aristocrat. Definitely, a must visit place in my list of the most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Salamanca! 🙂

Grand Hotel Don Gregorio

I’m a Spanish noble aristocrat! haha 🙂

Grand Hotel Don Gregorio

Reading here, will make you smarter! haha 🙂

#9 Pozo de las Nieves (Well of the Snows)

This is an interesting site in Salamanca. The Well of the Snows was built in the 18th century! The well has a depth of more than 7 meters and is covered by a slate vault. The purpose of the well is to store and preserve snow from the mountain to make ice for the town folks. With its rusty and stone walled design, doesn’t this well and its ruins look like a scene from Games of Thrones. A great place for a photo op!

Well of Snows

The ancient well and background make this one of the Instagram-Worthy spots in Salamanca! 🙂

#10 Las Tapas de Gonzalo

One of the best past time activity in Salamanca is to wait for the sun to set in a beautiful restaurant. For Travel Inspiration 360‘s readers, here’s a good tip for you! The elegantly furnished Las Tapas de Gonzalo offers one of the best dining spots, not just satisfying your hunger for great food, but also a satisfying visual treat! You may take beautiful photos with the Plaza Mayor background, or simply take a fun time-lapse video of the square over dinner, which means over sunset! And we all know every sunset is Instagram Worthy! 🙂

Las Tapas de Gonzalo

Even though this restaurant is located on a busy square, this is one of the most romantic places for dinner! 🙂

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

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